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Marketing Mondays - 3 Ways to Drum Up Sales When No One Is Walking Through the Door

There will always be days that are quiet.

Whether it’s due to extreme weather, election day, or some other reason we can't control, sometimes it can be difficult to get people to walk through the door. Even if you must shut your doors because of something like extreme weather, there are ways to generate sales.

Here are a few ideas:

Marketing Mondays - Why Independent Retailers Need to Be on Instagram

Instagram launched on October 2010 and is quickly rising the statistics ranks among social media platforms. Today, more than 400 million people are active on Instagram, and 80 million photos are shared a day. While it’s still not as popular as Facebook, attracting only 28 percent of the adult Internet population compared to Facebook’s 72 percent, Instagram is narrowing the gap.

Marketing Mondays - 6 Quick Holiday Marketing Tips

The holidays are officially upon us, and whether you do it up big in your store or you take a more understated approach, people are on the hunt for the perfect gifts for their friends, family, co-workers, and pets. Are you ready to make this your best 4th quarter?

We’ve gathered a few holiday marketing tips to get the snow globe rolling, and for even more tips, check out "Making Spirits Bright."

Marketing Mondays - What’s Your Point of Differentiation?

Coco Chanel’s camellia flower is practically synonymous with the luxury brand that bears her name. Not only is the flower featured on handbags and jewelry designs, but in some cases, a camellia flower with ribbons graces the nicely wrapped box that the purchase comes in. It’s all part of Chanel’s mystique, and since each camellia is handmade, it makes the customer feel valued. What is your business known for? What unique thing do you do or offer your customers so they remember you?

Marketing Mondays - Getting Media Coverage in Trade Magazines

Earlier this month, we covered how to secure media coverage in various media outlets during our weekly Marketing Mondays articles. Yet, an often overlooked media outlet for many retail and wholesale businesses is the one you’re reading right now: trade magazines.

Many retailers and manufacturers alike don’t bother to promote their stories to trade industry websites and print publications for two reasons: