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Marketing Monday - How to Plan Your Fourth Quarter Events Like a Rock Star

For many independent retailers, August tends to be a bit quieter in terms of traffic (unless you’re in a heavy tourist location). However, this month is integral to planning successful holiday special events for the all-important fourth quarter, which kicks off in less than a month!

Marketing Mondays - 3 Ways to Conquer the “Just Looking” Dragon

We’re now in our critical fourth quarter, moving from long-term marketing strategies to practical sales techniques to maximize our time on the floor. Today’s Marketing Monday exercise looks at how to engage the customers who are “just looking.”

Marketing Mondays - Host an Advisory Board Event

The best retailers and wholesalers know running a business isn’t a solo affair. Inviting feedback from friends, colleagues and customers is a great way to learn what might do well and what to invest in (or not). Ready for input? Invite some of your customers to be part of an advisory board event to share their thoughts on products you’re considering. It engages them in a way that helps them feel ownership, be supportive, and feel more committed to your success.

Marketing Mondays - Go Big or Go Home

I’m a big proponent of offering something very large (physically) or very expensive in your gift and home shop at all times, but especially during the holiday season. Why? Because there are always customers looking for something very special, unique, and one-of-a-kind, even in shops that are focused on one-of-a-kind gifts.

At this late stage in the holiday season, though, how do you offer something big if you don’t already have it in stock?

Marketing Mondays - When On-Trend Is a Different Trend

Some retailers like to consider themselves “on trend” by offering the hottest colors or latest designs, but there is another type of trend you might be missing: lifestyle choices.