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Shop Talk: Practical answers for tough business questions

Question: I want to revamp our tagline, but I have no clue where to start. What’s the best way to come up with one that truly reflects the unique gifts and shopping experience we offer without being too wordy?

Marketing Mondays - 3 Ways to Drum Up Sales When No One Is Walking Through the Door
3 Ways to Drum Up Sales When No One Is Walking Through the Door

There will always be days that are quiet.

Whether it’s due to extreme weather, election day, or some other reason we can't control, sometimes it can be difficult to get people to walk through the door. Even if you must shut your doors because of something like extreme weather, there are ways to generate sales.

Here are a few ideas:

Marketing Mondays - How to Slay Distractions
How to Slay Distractions ... Especially on Social Media!

Last week we discussed planning your work to help increase sales. The number one complaint I get about not being able to plan is that things are too busy to add even one more thing to the mix, so planning gets set aside.

But, is it possible that you’re too busy being … busily distracted?

Marketing Mondays - Plan Your Work to Increase Sales
Plan Your Work to Increase Sales

During a recent webinar, I listened as business owners discussed the value of social media in their respective businesses. Some agreed that blogging has waned but Facebook and Twitter have become very important revenue drivers. Others admitted that blogging is still strong, but they’re using other mechanisms to push customers to their site to read their blog, and inevitably, scan their offerings.

Marketing Mondays - 5 Unusual Events to Host This Holiday Season
5 Unusual Events to Host This Holiday Season

In one week, we’ll officially be in the all-important fourth-quarter season for retailers. It’s a favorite time of year for many, and retailers can make it even more fun when they organize events their customers want to attend! Events are fun and bring out people. The key to making them a success is to properly market and promote them.