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Marketing Mondays - 5 Unusual Events to Host This Holiday Season

In one week, we’ll officially be in the all-important fourth-quarter season for retailers. It’s a favorite time of year for many, and retailers can make it even more fun when they organize events their customers want to attend! Events are fun and bring out people. The key to making them a success is to properly market and promote them.

Marketing Mondays - Meet the Press

Getting stories placed in local, regional, or national news media can introduce your business to a much wider audience, which can mean increased sales. Yet, many independent retailers shy away from pitching the media or sending out press releases because they’re intimidated by the process or feel it’s not worth the effort.

Marketing Mondays - Why Independent Retailers Need to Be on Instagram

Instagram launched on October 2010 and is quickly rising the statistics ranks among social media platforms. Today, more than 400 million people are active on Instagram, and 80 million photos are shared a day. While it’s still not as popular as Facebook, attracting only 28 percent of the adult Internet population compared to Facebook’s 72 percent, Instagram is narrowing the gap.

Marketing Mondays - LinkedIn Love

Last week I shared the need to be present on social media if it’s part of your marketing strategy and to be responsive to customers and others who are trying to engage with your business. LinkedIn is one of those places that’s great to have a presence on, and you don’t need to manage it daily as you do Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites.

Marketing Mondays - 8 Ways To Promote Your Website to Increase Sales Today

Websites are beasts that need to be fed regularly to have an impact. Google algorithms reward websites that are easy to navigate and provide customers the information they seek. Even if you have a consistent customer base, you need to continually remind them of your existence because there is always another website vying for your customer’s attention. Having a successful website presence does take time, but you’ll be rewarded as more customers find you and keep returning.