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The use of dynamics, pacing, and extended piano techniques creates an immersive experience. The result is spectacular.

We find ourselves mesmerized by and completely immersed in these melodic and flowing acoustic guitar compositions, which are focused on elements of “home.”

Relaxing, uplifting, and flowing, with nothing forced or disingenuous, there’s a genuine sensitivity, gentleness, focus, grace, and refinement here that are just some of

Perfectly capturing the rich tapestry that is the American Southwest, this album is comprised of 13 piano based instrumentals.

the soundtrack is calming and relaxing with a truly extraordinary beauty and heartbeat throughout

This contemporary instrumental music is heartfelt, cinematic, and rich, with every note and nuance carefully crafted.

The music is deeply spiritual, artistically creative, and worth exploring for anyone seeking healing and deep, inner peace

This recording feels healing; an intriguing blend of wisdom, elegance, and innocence.

Mystical and utterly magical, “Measures of Light” is epic, expansive, heart-warming, and will leave you breathless with wonder. “Wow!” is what I have to

If there was ever a year when the world needed a “pick me up” of light-hearted, cheery, enjoyable music, it was 2020! Guitarist Todd