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Your presence here on earth depends upon being in a body. In terms of the four lower bodies, your physical body is the most

Shamanism is a spiritual mapping system that offers practical and profoundly spiritual guidance for a world in need. The medicine of the natural world,

It’s the ugly moments of customer service that can make you want to quit the business. But don’t despair, you are not alone. Here

There are many ways to work with the multiple layers of meanings that our dreams can provide, and one method is based in the

Why do some people seem to succeed without really trying? At least it appears that way. There are many schools of thought and lots

Many small businesses fail within the first year, many more fail within the first three years, and only a few small businesses are still

It’s no surprise that many of us are dealing with stress regularly. While stress isn’t always bad, it can take its toll if we

Energy healing is no longer the sole domain of the shaman and spiritual healers. It can be part of your daily life and bring ease

The story of how alternative medicine has evolved and what it means to people today parallels the story of our human yearning to control

Witchcraft and magick are not a religion. People of any spiritual path can begin taking back their own power and creating powerful and positive