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The Four Bodies: The Emotional Body

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This is the last in a series of articles about the four lower bodies. In the exoteric (secret) work there are at least 10 bodies that are part of our creation. These ten bodies are related to the planets and the sephira of the Tree of Life. Because the higher finer bodies are not affected or influenced adversely by the human condition, we are only dealing with the four lower bodies. This article will deal with the emotional body.

As emphasized in previous articles the four lower bodies are affected by the human personality. The etheric body is the “body electric” and is related to the fire element. (The other elements, Earth – physical body; Air – mental body; Water – Emotional body.) According to Joseph Polanski, “Each of these bodies is under the dominion of an Archangel. The etheric body, by Archangel Michael. The mental body by Archangel Raphael. The feeling body by Archangel Gabriel. And, the physical body by Archangel Uriel.)”


Gabriel can be called upon to help you balance your emotions. He is the great communicator, having been the messenger that brought the news of pregnancy to both Mother Mary and her cousin Anne. My two meditations to the Seven Archangel can help you with all of your four lower bodies. (Rainbow Angel Meditation has the corresponding biblical references, and The Seven Archangels and the Wheel is a very healing and proactive reminder of the power found within your requests to the Archangels!)

The Emotional Body is related to the planet Venus – and many of us can relate to that well known book by John Gray, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Certainly, for women, we seem to be more in touch with our feeling nature, ergo, the Emotional Body than our fine counterpart!

Emotions are chi that you have filled with a purpose. E-motion is the ability to qualify or “color” chi (God Energy) based on your unique God Spark that makes chi, colored with a specific energy. Qualifying chi into emotion is one of the things that humans do well.

Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, named emotional energy loosh. Loosh can be a fuel source for the energies that would have you fail. Loosh, being life force energy (chi, imbued with a purpose), can be either uplifting or down lowering referring to the emotional energy radiated by humans (and animals) who are in dire circumstances. And so, “loosh,” in this usage, describes a negative experiential spectrum. However, there is elevating loosh as we will see as well!

The Dark Side

Loosh from painful and difficult circumstances can be a fuel for the dark forces (for not-God energies) since it contains both the God Spark and the human creative spark. It’s a picnic near an anthill. Do you wonder who you might be feeding? When you re-experience some sad event, you may be “feeding” an energy that is misusing your light! Some call these ones “the powers that were” emphasis – on the past and now on the decline.

The Light Side

Our planet is being bathed in uplifting loosh, helpful, nurturing chi coming directly from sources of love and light, helping humanity transform the planet. This positive loosh is irresistible and elevating to all humanity!

Uses of Memory

Human memory was never intended to re-create agonizing emotions so that we would re-experience our painful pasts. This is why you can develop the habit of only telling your sad story three times! This validates your experience, without re-creating the pain of the past. When you count how many times you have told a painful experience, you put a limit on the emotional body re-working your sorrow and disappointment. As a practice, I encouraged you to pick the three times you tell your story – not to just deliver it to some random friend that may be calling you when you are upset! You can save your sorry tale for a close friend or family member who will give you the empathy you seek!

All the four lower bodies influence each other. The emotional body does seem to have the least number of controls or natural discipline, but each of the four lower bodies can get out of control!

Make no mistake, this hologram we call third dimension does have both positive and negative emotions. Our goal is to pay attention to our joyful happy moments, and laugh and optimize them, remaining balanced at every turn. As you will find in my manifestation book, Be A Genie, you can recycle your sad unresolved emotions by practicing two-fers. Two-fers are a way of creating two positives to antidote a negative emotion or thought.

Our emotions are the strongest of the four lower bodies and can drive our physical and mental health. Memory of sad and painful emotions can re-create the pain of difficult circumstances making us sick physically or mentally. There are many attempts to influence humans through our devices and airwaves. It is up to us to keep our energy above the lower vibrational data sets that can adversely influence us! We can control our emotional body by choosing wisely our mental body thoughts, by the company we keep, the music and electronic media we pay attention to and by meditation. This can be done easily if you will meditate regularly.

Once we have brought our well-developed four lower bodies into balance, they can be unified into your human dynamic body of light. This leads to you having balanced the seven lower chakras, the higher chakras (chakras 8-12) as well as with the secret ray chakras. As your own mastery is developed, you become your Ascended Master self.

This is where humanity is headed, to be Ascended masters, alive, in our physical bodies, utilizing all of our God-given powers. You no longer need to die to be an Ascended Master!

Maureen J St Germain
Author: Maureen J St Germain

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