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Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils, is a tool to help you create balance, happiness, and health on all levels — mentally, emotionally, spiritually,

Share the magic with your customers by showcasing your divination products for their gift-giving needs. These stimulating tools assist your customers in awakening intuition,

Look at your business as an opportunity to create not just wealth, but a place to attract positive energies and share your passions with

Tips on how to enhance your digital presence for your customers this season.

There is a fine line to continually practice what you share with others, including your appreciation of their assistance behind the scenes in making

If you are having a bad morning prior to arriving at your store, it will affect your attitude.

New Age is the Now Age and Grandma’s radical views are the norm for today’s emerging adults.

The Buddha described the human mind as normally being filled with drunken monkeys all clamoring for attention. We can’t always control what goes on

With every breath we take, we invite the life force into our being. We recognize the interconnected relationship between us and the world around