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2017 Essential Resources
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Marketing Mondays - Creative Merchandising: It’s New to You

How do we keep up with creative merchandising when things are moving around so quickly?

Marketing Mondays - Stand Up for Something and Get Customers Talking

There’s a saying that goes something like, “Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” The idea is to put a stake in the ground and stand for something you strongly believe in. Most people jump to the political bandwagon when it comes to making a stand, but that’s tricky for most businesses, retailers included, since you’re likely to alienate half of your customers.

Marketing Mondays - 2 Unexpected Ways to Build Community

What do a big city library and a real estate agent have in common with an indie retailer? Each provides a service, for one, but also, each helps build a community. How we build community helps build our brand and sets us apart in our customers’ eyes as not just another gift shop but “my local indie gift shop.”

Marketing Mondays - Not-So-Subtle Suggestions

Some customers have already celebrated their holiday, while others are counting the days. Some customers don’t celebrate any holiday, but they still want to send a thank-you gift to their clients or customers. Others are anxiously awaiting 2016 and need a gift for the host of the New Year party. Whatever the occasion your customers are shopping for right now, this is the time for not-so-subtle suggestions.

Marketing Mondays - Six Months Left to Hit Our Business Goals

Today is officially the first day of summer, and it's also nearly mid-year, which makes it the perfect time to review the business goals you set at the beginning of the year, reevaluate your procedures, and see how close you are to meeting those goals, knowing you still have enough time to ramp up efforts if you’re falling behind or increase whatever you’re doing that’s helping increase sales.