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What is Shamanism and How Can it Help Me in the Modern World?

Many have lost their way, feeling separate and alone, frightened by the chaotic landscape of our world. This chaos reflects soul loss, trauma, and a lack of spiritual awareness. Humanity is crying out for spiritual guidance and healing.

Shamanism is a spiritual mapping system that offers practical and profoundly spiritual guidance for a world in need. The medicine of the natural world, visible and invisible, brings harmony, healing, and restoration. It can be adopted by anyone, regardless of religion, culture, or location. The principles and practices are universal, irrespective of tribal origin, returning one to the sacredness in all life. Take time to adopt shamanic practices offered here today. Practice brings direct experience, knowledge, and wisdom. As a result, harmony, peace, and happiness will return as a natural way of life, regardless of the chaos in the world around you.


Shamanic Principles to Work With: The Rules of the Dream Called Life

Life is but a dream — you are a soul dreaming your reality. As a soul, you are the dreamer of the great adventure of life. The dream of life is a place of learning, growth, and experiences to develop mastery as a creator. Before incarnation, you and a team of guides work together to craft your dream. You choose your family situation, culture, geographical location, gender, sexuality, and so forth. You make agreements with souls you will meet, who you will have learning experiences with, and who you will work with to clear karma. Then you jump into your 3D reality and physical body, falling asleep in the dream, knowing there will be events and people that will prompt you to wake up within the dream.

Everything is alive with energy, animated, and connected by Spirit

The invisible world of Spirit weaves the dream’s energy into form in the physical reality. Everything is connected. Energy and matter are the same. However, varying frequencies and vibrational rates distinguish whether the matter is in form and what form it takes.

Ordinary Reality & Non-Ordinary Reality

Ordinary reality is the finite, dualistic, linear, physical, material world. Non-ordinary reality is the high-frequency, invisible world of Spirit that is life-giving, infinite, and possible. Both are connected and correspond, reflecting the principle of “As above, so below, as within, so without.”

Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Words, and Actions Create

 Understanding how you create is essential to dreaming a good dream. Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, words, and actions carry energy, and vibration that create experience. Pay attention to where you place your focus. Focus on your desires, you create more of your desires. If you focus on your fears, well, you create your fears.

There Are No Mistakes or Coincidences

 Synchronicity reflects the invisible world of thought, belief, and emotion coming into form in the visible world. “As above, so below, as within, so without.”

All is Well. No Matter the Appearances of Things

 Life is much more than what appears in our physical reality. There is spiritual meaning and purpose in all experiences. This world is a school for our souls to learn and grow.


Timeless Practices to Enrich Your Life

Be Response-able

Stop. Reflect. Choose differently. You are powerful! Learn the principles and practices given so you can learn to consciously respond to the events of your soul’s dream rather than unconsciously react and suffer. You have the power to change patterns that create either harmony or chaos. Stop and observe your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and situation. Then take 100% responsibility and choose anew.

Clear Your Energy

Fear, trauma, and all negative emotions create a lack of harmony, leading to painful experiences and even illness. Regular clearing of your energy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically is as essential as brushing your teeth. Add one or more of these practices to your day, and in a short time, you will experience a shift into greater harmony and peace:


Connect to Nature

Step into nature, away from electronic devices and the stress of linear reality. Release your worries as you are present with nature’s energy and beauty.

Earth Connection, Release, and Restore

Lie face down on the earth in your backyard, park, by a stream, or somewhere deep in the forest. Feel the ground below and nature all around you. Say, “hello.” Gratefully ask Mother Earth and Father Sky to clean you with their pure energy. Bathe in this powerful life force, clearing dense energy and restoring your body and soul. Rest for as long as you need.

Earth Grounding

Imagine a large root or grounding cord from the base of your spine into the earth. Connect into her center in gratitude for her healing energies. Imagine this cord is a lifeline to her alchemical powers that clear negative energy and restore life force. Be still and receive.

Plants, Fire, and Sacred Smoke

Burning sage, cedar, pine, palo santo, frankincense, or copal is an ancient way to clean energy. Place one or more of these healing plants into a shell or ashtray. Speak to the spirit of the plant(s) in an offering of prayer, gratitude, and direction to clear the energy. Light and burn for a short while. Then blow out to create a billowing smoke. Use a feather to move the smoke through your energy field or that of another person. Similarly, move the smoke to clean spaces of your home, office, car, or land.

Sea Salt Bath

Set aside an hour (at least) for a sacred bath ritual. Light a candle and draw a warm to hot bath. Prayerfully place two pounds of bulk sea salt in the water. Add a cup of epsom salts, relaxing essential oils, or flower petals to the back of the bath. Lower the lights and step in to rest and relax for 25-30 minutes. This will clear and reset your energy bodies and reset your physical self.


Gratitude, curiosity, and wonderment — what if…?

Gratitude brings happiness and the return of appreciation from others. Curiosity and wonderment stir the quantum field and open possible experiences and outcomes. So before you begin your day and throughout the day or night, focus on all you are grateful for. Then work with the energy of curiosity and wonderment for How Good It Can Get! What would it be like if the day, your health, or any life situation improved? What if you were happy? What if? Try this every day for a month to change your life and how you experience it.


Prayer and Speaking to Your Allies

Prayer is a conversation with the Divine. Mystics and shamans are in constant prayer and communication. Set your focus and intention on connecting. Find quiet spaces to ‘tune in.’ Be curious! Look for signs, symbols, and messages that are answers to your prayers. The Divine is always present, loving, and guiding you.

Enjoy the journey!



Katherine Skaggs
Author: Katherine Skaggs

Katherine Skaggs is a creative, visionary artist and author, teacher, shamanic practitioner, and painter of souls. She brings beautiful heart-centered vision, words, and imagery to educate, to inspire, and to awaken the soul, and to heal the human experience. Katherine is the author of Artist Shaman Healer Sage - Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul, the 2022 COVR VISIONARY AWARDS BOOK OF THE YEAR as well as the author and artist of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle, coming out late fall 2022, both published by Satiama Publishing along with Mythical Goddess Tarot.