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Zen and Meow

Zen and Meow
Business Name: Zen and Meow
Product Range Includes:

crystal grids, jewelry, sacred geometry, flower of life, engraved crystals

Business Description:

Zen and Meow is a woman owned business that offers one of a kind wood engraved crystal grids. There are over 65 designs to choose from ranging from sacred geometry, animal totems, mandalas, celestial grids and more. Aside from crystal grids, Zen and Meow offers wood cut pendants and earrings made from walnut and alder woods, engraved stones such as selenite, black obsidian and carnelian as well as engraved palo santo. They are the leading producer of wood engraved crystal grids and are adding new designs and products all the time. The goal of Zen and Meow is to bring people together with tools that will help promote healing and increase spiritual awareness.

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Business Website Address: www.zenandmeow.com
Business Phone Number: 717-451-9159
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