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Vibe Bottle, LLC

Vibe Bottle, LLC
Business Name: Vibe Bottle, LLC
Product Range Includes:

drinkware, sacred geometry glass water bottles, reiki, healing

Business Description:

Sacred Geometry glass water bottles with scratch-proof ceramic ink protected by a one-time break replacement warranty designed, created and shared by Reiki Healers at a reasonable price… what’s not to love?!? “When I learned that water has memory – I learned that I have a responsibility to imprint water with the most loving, positive, powerful messages I could possibly create. Everyone drinks water and people all over the world are looking for a way to program their water in an environmentally sound, high quality, luxury bottle with excellent artwork that speaks to their soul and represents what they stand for. How do we know? Not only have we funded two successful Kickstarter campaigns in the last year, but we have grown in distribution from 20 to 70 locations domestically done so internationally. The Vibe Bottle brand has grown by over 700% in overall website and retail sales in 2018. We have a vision of a healed world, we intend to do it through delivering messages on our bottles and we invite you to be a part of it.” – Zo Peacemaker – Artist, Reiki Master IIII, CEO

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Business Website Address: www.vibebottle.com
Business Phone Number: 805-452-0962
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