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The Zen Stone Garden

The Zen Stone Garden
Business Name: The Zen Stone Garden
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stone, sculpture, garden, graphite, art

Business Description:

An innovative Oregon based company featuring functional artwork that exudes natural beauty and classic elegance. With a wide range of creations artist Kelly Barker provides unique handmade items that are both captivating and useful. This family owned business has been producing the finest quality crafts and stonework for over 10 years. Made of pencil graphite, and then soaked in soy wax, the graphite does not readily come off on hands. Packaged in a descriptive, attractive bag. Our graphite-drawing instruments sculptures are ready to display. With a wide variety of designs to choose from, it is easy to fit them in your store’s motif. And your clients will have a unique and usable gift for that ‘hard to buy for’ person. We supply a point of sale display, with a picture of a sculpture being used and the words “graphite drawing instrument” on it. This along with the samples supplied, immediately educates your customers and gets them having fun. For wholesale, visit: www.indieme.com artist ID 22255s

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Business Website Address: www.kellybarker.com
Business Phone Number: 541-961-1285
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