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Synchronicity Foundation

Synchronicity Foundation
Business Name: Synchronicity Foundation
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meditation, soundtracks, spirituality, essential oils, books, music, sacred geometry, technology

Business Description:

Synchronicity Foundation is a contemporary meditation center with a vision to bring balance, wholeness, and fulfillment to the lives of participants through the study and practice of Modern Spirituality. Our store features leading-edge products carefully selected by our Founder and Spiritual Director, Master Charles Cannon, to support this vision and make it a reality for people living a contemporary, Western lifestyle who want to enjoy meditation’s Many benefits with ease. Start by trying our High-Tech Meditation soundtracks, which will literally meditate you and provide a precision meditation experience each time you put on your headset. Or, enjoy Master Charles’ essential oil blends. Made from all-natural ingredients, our oils and perfumes are designed to support the contemporary meditative lifestyle. Visit us to find many more products including books, jewelry, and art objects carefully selected for their power to help users experience greater balance and fulfillment in their daily lives.

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Business Website Address: www.synchronicity.org/wholesale
Business Phone Number: 434-326-5500
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