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Sergio Lub Jewelry

Sergio Lub Jewelry
Business Name: Sergio Lub Jewelry
Product Range Includes:

silver, copper, bracelets, magnet, handmade products, jewelry

Business Description:

Sergio Lub Jewelry has been making copper bracelets for over 50 years. Trained as an architect, Sergio realized early on that his creative passion was more authentically expressed through making jewelry. After traveling from the Andes to the Himalayas to study his craft with master ancient metalworking artisans, he settled in Napa Valley, California where he and his family continue to handcraft every bracelet today with a firm belief that wearing metals next to the skin can increase health and vitality. There are hundreds of inspired designs to choose from for him or her.

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Business Website Address: www.sergiolub.com
Business Phone Number: 800-234-2346
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