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Coventry Creations

Coventry Creations
Business Name: Coventry Creations
Product Range Includes:

candles, oils, sprays, witched union, books, votives, handcrafted products

Business Description:

This is where Magic Happens and we all are Magic Makers! Where Magic Happens is a big claim and a big vision to fill. At Coventry we see magic as the moment when you move past your limiting challenge into the healing that manifests the life you desire. Magic is our passion, and we live that passion in every candle, message and fragrance we create. We have been making wishes come true since 1992, one candle, one wish at a time. “We have a candle for that” is our mission and we fulfil that with 7 distinct products lines and 100 different blends to awaken magic everywhere. We have a product line to fit your store and your customers. Sign up on www.coventrywholesale.com and start filling your store with magic today!

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Business Website Address: www.coventrywholesale.com
Business Phone Number: 800-810-3837