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Carina Eden

Carina Eden
Business Name: Carina Eden
Product Range Includes:

homeopathic gels, chakra gels, grounding gels, vibrational remedies

Business Description:

Carina Eden’s Chakra Balance Gels are a set of daily use remedies that help change the unwanted patterns of behavior and promote profound transformation. Chakra Balance is an artisanal, alchemic organic product consisting of an Aloe Vera gel base with a distinct blend of essential oils, vibrational and homeopathic remedies (such as Bach flowers, etc.) and rich fruit/vegetable pigments, all designed to enhance and balance one of the seven main energy centers. They are a delightful hydrating formula infused with intelligent, spiritual energy; frequencies of light, sound, color, energetic stones, crystals, and sacred geometry. Other health conscious Carina Eden products include the all-in-one Bliss Balsam Gel and the Pacha Mama Earthing Gel. The goal of our products is to bring wellbeing, balance, and consciousness at all levels. For more information, please visit our website at www.carinaeden.com.

Business Website Address: www.carinaeden.com
Business Phone Number: 310-422-9546