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The Owner’s Guide: The Art of Appreciation

As entrepreneurs, you frequently educate your customers about the Law of Attraction, including their need of an Attitude of Gratitude to have more success with their manifestation. At your shop, you carry a selection of books, decks, candles, and other products to use as tools to obtain their heart’s desire. But sometimes you get bogged down in daily tasks of inventory control, accounts payable, employee training and customer service. With daily routine and responsibilities, you go through the motions and forget to practice what you teach others about gratitude. There is a fine line to continually practice what you share with others, including your appreciation of their assistance behind the scenes in making your store a success. Let us look at those standing behind you to assist you and your business on the road to success:



Finding, training, and keeping employees can be difficult for an owner. Your employees need basic knowledge of magical products and their use, while learning new products and providing exceptional customer service. Sometimes owners forget to acknowledge their hard working and well-trained employees. Thank your employees often and share positive reviews of their customer service with them. Host a selling contest with gift card prizes or a paid day off. Employees that feel valued by you will stay longer in your employment than those that do not.



Your store is jam-packed with products from publishers, manufacturers, jewelry companies, crystal wholesalers, herb and oils companies or co-ops, and multi-product distributors. Your relationships with these companies impact your ability to obtain products in a timely fashion, especially during COVID delays. When you are polite and charming to your sales reps, they will attempt to go above and beyond for you over someone who is always rude or demanding. Work on polishing your vendor relations and thank them when they assist you with issues.


Local Artists

 Your local community is filled with artisans that travel to your store to showcase their artwork, sculptures, jewelry, soaps or other handmade items. Most of these products are chosen by you to be sold on consignment. Sometimes, you are the one educating these artists on how to wholesale their products. Be welcoming and develop a buzz as the store with national, international and locally sourced products. The artists chose your store because of your success. Thank your artists and continue to encourage them to create specific items that will sell in your store.


Accountant/Financial Advisor

Most store owners utilize the services of accountants or financial advisors to assist them with the payment of monthly sales tax, preparing Federal tax returns and auditing. Interview and retain a well-respected person or firm to assist you, freeing your time to manage what you are good at — your store. A great way to show appreciation is to refer other local shop owners to your professional advisor.


Chamber of Commerce / Retailer Association

Some localities offer a retailer association and/or a city chamber of commerce. If you are a member, become active and meet other members. Many of these non-profit organizations have monthly lunches or dinners with guest speakers that provide professional advice. Your fellow members will also refer business and host events that cross-promote each other. Your participation and appreciation of these events promotes city-wide success of local businesses.

By acknowledging your gratefulness to these behind the scenes people, you continue to build healthy and cheerful relationships that add to your success. They will continue to happily assist you to the best of their ability for your store’s longevity.

Melinda Carver
Author: Melinda Carver

Melinda Carver is an award-winning author, psychic medium and speaker. She is also the president of the Church of Radiant Lights located in Cleveland, OH. To know more about Carver, visit her website.

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