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Your Best Day…Every Day!

WORKING WITH THE PUBLIC can be an energetic rollercoaster ride that can make or break your day. Finding and maintaining a calm and centered neutrality with customers is a challenge, but creating that space keeps you off the rollercoaster and helps abundance flow to you more freely. Here are a few suggestions to empower you to create your best day … every day!


1. Activate your Joy Zone

Upon waking and before opening your eyes, devote five minutes to feeling joyful and grateful. Simply immerse your senses in a memory that makes you happy. Recalling personal experiences in nature, such as an awe-inspiring sunset or the rainbow of a waterfall’s glistening spray, is a very effective visualization for activating what I call your “Joy Zone.” Within this centered place of connectedness, you are better able to remain neutral and unaffected by the fear and unhappiness of those around you.


2. Set your intention

Intend that today be a great day! This is not a new thought or idea, but when practiced, it truly is a magical action step. Setting the intention to feel joyful and unaffected by what may occur around us is a powerful means to create more ease in our daily experiences. By intending that today be a great day, you are creating sacred space to allow joy to flow … effortlessly.


3. Focus

Basic quantum physics dictates that what we focus on expands. Where is your focus? Is it on what’s not working, or what is? Is it on fear and worry, or on creating space for solutions? What happens on the outside is first created by what we energetically project from the inside, consciously or unconsciously. Being aware of what we think and speak empowers us to shift our energy back into the Joy Zone. For example, is the word “hard” prevalent in your internal and external dialogue? Try substituting the word “challenging” instead. “Hard” evokes an unconscious perception of impossibility, whereas “challenging” holds the energy of “possible/doable.” It is amazing how life-changing little adjustments like this can be!


4. Create a reset space

Have you created a reset space in your store for you and your employees? This could be any quiet place—it can even be your office if you momentarily move your paperwork to one side, turn on quiet, uplifting music, and breathe. Adding a short, simple meditation or positive visualization will help you realign and shift your energy back into your Joy Zone. This practice can help you recognize when fear and worry are dominating your thoughts, so you can step away to your energy-reset place as soon as you are able and return to your Joy Zone.


5. End-of-day reset

Consider setting aside time at the end of each day to return to a five-minute immersion in your Joy Zone. Call to mind a nature visualization that soothes your soul, and bathe in the peace it brings. This supports the release of any workday frustration, blame, anger, or judgment you may be feeling. Simply committing to beginning and ending the day in the energy of your Joy Zone will, over time, bring increased ease and set the stage for the co-creation of true abundance. The quantum field simply replicates the energy we transmit, so radiate joy, receive joy!

Candace Stuart-Findlay
Author: Candace Stuart-Findlay

Candace Stuart-Findlay is a Transformation Facilitator with the Empowered Whole Being Foundation, and founder of Empowered Whole Being Press.

Website: https://empoweredwholebeing.com