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Five Principles to Live and Work By


I am filled with the spirit of life.

With every breath we take, we invite the life force into our being. We recognize the interconnected relationship between us and the world around us. The living spirit pervades everything. As the individualized expression of this spirit and through our uniqueness, we carry a great responsibility to live in a way that reflects the majesty of the life force. What we do, say, and think carries a power beyond our imagination so with this in mind, we need to consider thoughtfully how we act in all ways. Everything we do has an effect. So as carriers of this life force, we make choices that will achieve the greatest benefit for all concerned. Whenever we feel weak or small, we need only remember to breathe.


I act in harmony with my purpose.

Why were we born? What is the purpose of our lives? Some say it is to experience love and joy. For sure, we know that each person is born with a unique set of gifts and talents. Discovering those gifts may be a lifelong journey, a process of unfolding as we seek to understand who we are in our unique magnificence. If we have been avoiding this question and have wandered into areas that conflict with our inner essence, perhaps now is the time to return to these ultimate questions. Sometimes just asking the questions will allow the answers to be revealed. In any event, it is always good to stimulate a passion for life and enhance the process of understanding one’s personal purpose and mission.


I am in tune with the intention of my life.

When we can harmonize our personal intention with the intention of the universe, we will find that things fall into place and we can easily achieve our goals and manifest our dreams. This doesn’t necessarily mean we narrowly focus on one thing or another. Instead, our lives will function more smoothly when we broaden our intention to include the many exquisite facets of our being in a whole and complete way. As we learn to fine-tune our intention, we will discover that life can unfold more easily and with a greater sense of order and divine perfection. We will be pleasantly surprised to discover aspects about ourselves that we didn’t realize were there and in so doing, we will grow in new and exciting ways.


I am grateful for all without conditions.

So often we wait to have what we want before feeling thankful. In this case, we may be waiting a long time. To jump-start the flow of blessings in our life, we practice gratitude at all times, even for the things that might appear negative. When we can be truly grateful for everything that happens, the good or the bad, we will find that our lives gradually improve. It may be challenging at first to find the silver lining in every situation, but once this habit of gratitude becomes a part of us, we will be pleasantly surprised by what opens up for us. We can begin by expressing appreciation for the basics like food and shelter and for small things that we can easily acknowledge. From there, we can allow our gratitude to grow and when it does, we shall be ready for even better things to come our way.


I am fulfilled in all ways.

When we focus on what is lacking in our lives, we are unlikely to experience a sense of fulfillment. Therefore, it makes sense for us to turn our attention away from lack and toward awareness of the abundance and gifts of life. When we come from a place of appreciation of our blessings, even in trying times or in the midst of hardship or trauma, we will find that we are better able to attract to us the blessings that we crave. This is one of those affirmations that we need to remind ourselves of frequently and use especially in times that don’t seem to be exactly what we would have wished for. It is also good to use this affirmation during tedious activities as it will even help us get through boredom or frustration.



Dudley & Dean Evenson
Author: Dudley & Dean Evenson

Dudley and her husband Dean Evenson are business and life partners who met in the late ’60s. In 1979 they found Soundings of Planet an award-winning music label, in Washington. They are also authors of Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music and A Year of Guided Meditations. These days you can listen to their podcast Soundings Mindful Media or read Dudley's latest stories on her blog Healthy Living Dreams.

Website: https://www.soundings.com