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Five Tips to Enhance Your Digital Presence

Customers search online first for their consumable needs, including Body-Mind-Spirit products. Your customers’ experience of your store begins with your digital presence, marketing your store 24/7 regardless of your normal business hours. Does your store have a high-quality appearance online? A well thought out look and easy to browse content are required in this day and age to attract shoppers. Follow these suggestions to enhance your digital presence for your customers:


Welcoming Website

Your website should be updated weekly or monthly with your new display or product photos, changing headlines and blog content. Keeping your site freshened up showcases the store to repeat visitors. Your site should also be mobile friendly, as smart phones are the top device people use. If your site is not mobile friendly, contact a web company to fix your site immediately. Optimizing keywords in your business for Google searches (SEO) on each page assists your ability to land at the top of MBS searches.


Consistency is Best

Your logo and main header store photo should be prominently displayed along all platforms – your website, Facebook, Google and other social media. Your branding assists your customers in recognizing your business regardless of the digital platform they are browsing. Ensure that all informational fields on social platforms (name, address, web, phone, etc.) are completed so no matter which platform they visit, customers can connect immediately with your store.


Video Frequency

You should have a 2 to 3 minute video tour of your store on your website and across social media as a quick introduction and overview. To further tantalize customers to shop with you, create additional short videos that focus on specific products (jewelry, crystals, herbs, books, etc.) and how to use these products. Pay attention to your lighting so that the product is clearly seen as well as your audio level. These product videos should be posted to your website and all digital media.  You can use your smart phone to create video content or hire a company or freelance consultant to assist you.  Facebook Live allows you to create videos to showcase new products, special events or to introduce new staff


Social Media Ads

To obtain the most bang for your buck, utilize Facebook and Google ads to target your specific customer demographics.  Both companies allow you to choose ad audiences by their interests, shopping habits, finances and location.  By creating a main target audience, your advertising will attract the customers interested in your products – becoming successful for you.  You can still purchase general ads, but the ones geared to those interested in your products/services have the best results.


Email Campaigns

Most stores encourage customers to sign up for email notices. Creating a weekly or bi-weekly email newsletter that lists your store’s upcoming sales and events allows you to soft pitch your customers, reminding them of your presence. But are you building sales from your list? Consider adding photos of brand new products with a short explanation of usage. This generates customer excitement to come shop now. Throw in a “loyalty” coupon every now and then to bring your email audience back into your store.  Your regular customers will enjoy the exclusive offer from you. These customers returning to the store with your coupons will also show you how active your email list is currently. If you have a low turn-out with the coupons, you have to better develop your campaigns, so make your subject line pop with “exclusive savings coupon for our loyal customers”.


Melinda Carver
Author: Melinda Carver

Melinda Carver is an award-winning author, psychic medium and speaker. She is also the president of the Church of Radiant Lights located in Cleveland, OH. To know more about Carver, visit her website.

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