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Five Steps to Overcome Negativity

If you are having a bad morning prior to arriving at your store, it will affect your attitude. Your bad mood impacts your ability to service your customers in the “love and light” way they are accustomed to from you.  Your mood may further turn negative after dealing with a very demanding customer, or with an annoying employee’s actions. Dealing with clutter in your workspace is another maddening way to dampen your attitude. Feng Shui experts would shudder in horror at your piles of catalogs, invoices, broken items, unused displays, and boxes of products strewn about your shop.

Your aggravation can impact your sales negatively since your ability to sell and move products is based on superior customer experience. You do not want to lose a large sale due to a bad mood or a frowning face. Here are steps that you can take to remove this alarming energy:


Recognize & Banish

It is necessary to recognize when you are in a negative mindset. Set a timer for five minutes, an allowed time to vent, cry or scream. Release that bad mood. When the timer goes off, stop venting and do something that will improve your mood such as dancing around the store; blare your preferred music; sage yourself or meditate. Banishing negativity is vital to start your day attracting abundance.

Leave & Return

Sometimes you need to step outside to clear your thoughts. Go for a walk, hug a tree, blow bubbles or grab your favorite beverage or snack. Completing a different activity assists you in releasing the negative thought train from your brain. When you feel lighter, return to your store ready to conquer the sales floor.

Catch & Release

If you are experiencing an employee’s off-putting manner, tell them to take a break or provide them with busy work in the storeroom. Sometimes removing the employee physically from your sight will lighten your mood. If your discourteous customer sapped your joy, keep a smile on your face as they leave. Knowing that the whirlwind of rudeness is over and out the door, can instantly change your outlook after dealing with them. Being proactive in each instance allows you to re-focus and be at your best to sail through the remainder of the day to sales goals.

Decide & Organize

Block out time in your schedule to deal with your store’s clutter. Start with contacting companies about items broken in transit, prep return of the items or throw them away. Next, organize your storeroom’s shelves so that you know where everything is. You may find hidden products that need to be placed on the floor, or outdated products that need to be removed.  Once your storeroom is in order, move on to those piles of catalogs and invoices to categorize and file them.  These tasks can be accomplished in one afternoon or throughout the week.

Sparkle & Shine

Stand in your door and take an overview look of your store. Is your store clean and welcoming or is it dusty and in disarray? If your store requires cleaning, ask the employees to straighten displays, dust, and vacuum. You are selling magical products – they need to be energetically and visually appealing to your customers.


Adjusting your mood and removing clutter will immediately change the energy of your store to attract abundance. Your customers will notice the difference. Make it a magical day of sales; hit those goals with a positive mindset and a sparkling store.

Melinda Carver
Author: Melinda Carver

Melinda Carver is an award-winning author, psychic medium and speaker. She is also the president of the Church of Radiant Lights located in Cleveland, OH. To know more about Carver, visit her website.

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