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Business as usual? Not anymore. With the continuous revolution of technology, changing patterns in the way consumers shop and the influence of major retail pioneers like Amazon and Walmart, small business owners cannot continue to plan for the future based solely on the past. Digital transformation,

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Jay Goltz admits he didn’t set out to become a shop owner like his father. Yet that unpopular idea is exactly what the new college grad did in 1978. “My mother’s send-off was, ‘you went to school for four years and ended up like your

A special coverage from Coalition of Visionary Resources COVR in partnership with Kim Perkins   Q: I’m new to the Mind Body Spirit industry: How do I decide what products to carry in my new store/what are the right products that I should have in my store to increase

This summer, I will be updating my store’s point-of-sale system. I thought I was going to make the easy decision and just upgrade the system I already had. Then I decided to check my options one more time. It was then I fell down the rabbit

Q: Is there any kind of rule of thumb for what percentage of your monthly sales you should budget for purchasing given a relatively stable monthly sales rate (e.g., no major holiday or seasonal increases)? Or do you go by your gut and observations of what

Q: For the first time in over a decade of being open, our small retail store is experiencing shoplifting of larger merchandise. In the past we have noticed small items were unaccounted for, but recently a 24” statue is gone, as well as an expensive