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Relaxing, uplifting, and flowing, with nothing forced or disingenuous, there’s a genuine sensitivity, gentleness, focus, grace, and refinement here that are just some of the qualities that make this album quite special. Luminous, indeed.

[eltdf_dropcaps type="normal" color="black" background_color=""]W[/eltdf_dropcaps]hen I was invited to discuss how the music industry promotes wellness, I saw a problem. It would have been a very short article, because promoting wellness simply isn’t a priority. The music industry does not promote Wellness in general. In fact, for

As people have become more aware of the relationship between stress and health, the importance of this kind of wellness music has increased. Now over four decades later, the New Age genre has its own Grammy award, Billboard, and radio charts, and is a respected

Mystical and utterly magical, “Measures of Light” is epic, expansive, heart-warming, and will leave you breathless with wonder. “Wow!” is what I have to say.