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An Open Sky is one of the most evocative "autumnal" albums of recent years, featuring Ryan Judd's emotive fingerstyle acoustic guitar and Kristen Miller's superb cello, blended into a wonderful "whole." These semi-sparse tone poems are deeply pensive and strike the perfect balance between being

Flutist Dunning and keyboardist/percussionist Johnson have been crafting sublime Celtic fusion music for a long time (since before 2000, I believe). Eirlandia (inspired by Stephen R. Lawhead's Celtic fantasy book series of the same name) is one of their most sumptuous musical feasts yet, combining

It’s a tall order to review such an intensely personal album, which is what Eternal is for Kevin Wood (piano, keyboards, percussion). How does one capture in words the deep, spiritual commitment this talented artist has made to this project? Wood, joined by too many

Terra Guitarra (Bruce Hecksel and Julie Patchouli) switch things up a bit on their latest recording, Spirit Wheel. While their tasty, tuneful Latin guitars and percussion are still present, the energy level is significantly toned down and a new ingredient, chill-out rhythms and beats, has

Multi-instrumentalist DeMaria took a five-year hiatus from recording to help his mother transition to the next realm and Ama (which means mother in many languages) is dedicated to her memory. It is far and away the best work this artist has ever done and that

Deuter has been releasing new age music since 1971–think about that! Let it sink in. He is not only still relevant, but still on the cutting edge of soothing, serene, soundscapes that transport his legion of fans into states of relaxation and contemplation. It is

Cantus, the all-female vocal group/choir from Norway, have released earlier seven albums, yet their fame increased exponentially when their recording of “Vuelie” was selected as the opening musical number for the smash-hit movie, Frozen. That song opens their eighth recording, a spectacular collection of twelve

2Cellos are Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic and like another internet phenomenon, The Piano Guys, the two musicians have erupted on the classical crossover scene like a fresh wind, blowing away the conventions of the genre and reinvigorating their music scene in the process. Playing

One aspect of New Age music is its timelessness. With very few exceptions, recordings from the genre’s inception, e.g. Ray Lynch’s No Blue Thing, Constance Demby’s Novus Magnificat, or George Winston’s December, not only stand the test of time, but like fine wine, get better

Pianist Kathryn Kaye has emerged as one of the leading artists in her particular subgenre of contemporary instrumental music. She weaves together a gentle sense of nostalgia with uncomplicated, subdued melodies, creating reflective tone poems that showcase her subtle nuanced playing and the depth of