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Alignment, Realignment, and Adaptability: The Crystal Garden established 1988

Are you focused on the original version of your store? Are you open to the evolution of The Crystal Garden? Do you have patience and the tools to adapt? What is the ultimate fate of my sacred business? These are all questions I had to contemplate. This moment in time is a pivotal point in...CONTINUE READING

The Small Business Community & Conscious Living Culture: A world-changing way of doing business

"You are an integral part of the future that’s calling us all forward into conscious, planetary-minded stewardship."   Back a couple of decades ago, when the word green just meant a color some people looked good in, or a place to play golf, the idea of a culture based on conscious living was just a...CONTINUE READING

5 Ways to Keep an Eco-Friendly Business

If you’re making the effort to go “green” in your shop, you may be facing a few new problems, such as how to recycle burned-out, compact fluorescent bulbs; what to do with endless mounds of Styrofoam popcorn; or determining who’s products are truly healthy for the planet. There’s a whole new world to explore! It...CONTINUE READING
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How to Deal With Employee Theft

In the spirit of transparency, I am in the process of recovering from a massive embezzlement from a trusted employee. Between direct theft, costs, fees, and interest, we are looking at $120,000 of loss. It’s shocking, shameful, and emotionally devastating, but I am sad to say – it’s also quite common. When I first found...CONTINUE READING