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During times like these, books can be welcome companions. Stories can help you to find balance and calm your mind, plots can allow your imagination to wander, characters and locales can inspire. And some can even help guide readers to discover their life purpose and

Let’s agree that Self-Improvement & Lifestyle books are great for creating positive change on readers, helping them to re-discover their purpose, boost their self-esteem, and help them regain confidence. So, look no further! Check out what’s coming this month:

The search for books in Spirituality & Inspiration is starting to pick up around this time of year. Readers tend to search for more topics that can help calm their minds, align their thoughts, bring guidance, or help them better visualize new directions for the

For book enthusiasts interested in Astrology, Divination, Rituals & Magick, and Intuition the titles we selected for November-December are ideal if you’re looking to renew energy, add a touch of balance to daily routine, encourage life goals, and help to get the mind ready for

A special coverage from The Coalition of Visionary Resources COVR in partnership with Kim Perkins Why won’t some retailers carry self-published books? It is often tough for authors, especially local ones, to comprehend why a store owner might not want to stock their self-published book. After all, aren’t bookstores