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Shoppers begin the new year determined to make their lives better. As much of what happens in the world appears to be out of their control, more and more of them are taking up the mantra “Heal yourself. Heal the world.” Stock your shelves with

As the holidays arrive, customers are looking for solid connections. Make sure you have something for everyone. Needs vary, but the drive to read about others who have found the answers is prime.

Books are still hot this Holiday season! The stressful geo-political climate has customers focused on being constructive, even in their gift-giving. Mind/Body/Spirit publishers are on top of it. Children’s books are tied to yoga, meditation, and nature study. Cookbooks are focused on creativity and health.

Summer is the perfect time to read. Whether on vacation or on the patio, the extra sunshine encourages your customers to relax with a good book, and these will arrive just in time!

Early spring finds customers looking for stimulation. Grab their attention with a diverse selection of books.  Let them know they will always find something unique in your store.

THE NEW YEAR USHERS IN an extraordinary peak for body-mind-spirit publishers.  The demand for high-quality, well-produced products has blossomed beyond what even the most optimistic of us had envisioned.  For this issue we have chosen to represent a broad range of topics and as many