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The book review column has been refreshed, and the books selected are now a preview of what’s NEW and UPCOMING in the conscious living category, starting this month. We want to optimize your search for uplifting and inspiring books that can bring positive message and

It’s mid-summer and holiday ordering is beginning and books are back at the top of customers’ gift lists this year. The mind/body/spirit publishers are ready. Here’s a collection of books I think are more than notable for holiday giving. There’s something for everybody. Young or

All things metaphysical continue to trend. The body-mind-spirit publishers are building on the foundations of the past 50 years and are leading the charge into new territory. I’m calling this the New Metaphysics. Broadly speaking, the New Metaphysics is more straight-forward, more science-friendly and, overall, focused

As the growing season begins, customers will be focused on money/business. The ongoing global financial shakeup has everyone rethinking their financial strategies. Whether they are young adults who are just entering the workforce, retirees worried about their future, small business owners, or people who rely

Spring is in the air! Your customers are looking forward to the growing season, spring cleaning, and a fresh start. So, this issue’s Fine Print is devoted to Home and Garden books. While they may not all seem like traditional gift book selections, they are

Despite a lively holiday season, if you pay close attention, you will notice that most of your customers have one eye on their own futures. Your challenge will be to provide an ever-changing array of glitzy, fun holiday merchandise while simultaneously keeping your customers aware

Back-to-school season triggers a major renewal of spirit. Customers will be determined to invest energy consciously with a clear end in sight. Most of them will discover that manifesting their most treasured visions is easier said than done. Fortunately, mind-body-spirit publishers are turning out lots

Customers will be looking for answers mid-summer. The chaos that has become the new normal since last fall has them searching beneath the surface of things to try and make some sense of it all at deeper levels. Put books that offer them answers/explanations in

Summer brings prosperity and a proactive consciousness. Your customers will be more assertive than usual. Don’t try and market to them. Follow their lead. If a title doesn’t catch their eye, you’ll have a very difficult time selling it to them. Put books that are

Spring brings the return of HOPE and renewed activity because of it. Consumers will be looking to take action toward reclaiming their lives and taking back their power. Display how-to’s of all kinds within easy reach. Shift comfort reads to the higher shelves until summer.