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Sept-Oct 2018 Issue

Holiday Gifts & Accessories/Sept-Oct Issue

It’s time to switch gears and get ready for the busiest, but the most bright and joyful time of the year. Let the winter holiday season begin! In this issue we will find ways to stay on track during the holidays, and how to budget and purchase for the season. Don’t miss the Holiday Magic or Holiday Manic on how to keep your season under control as well as to market your shop in 11 minutes or less, and discover how different cultures celebrate their holiday traditions, and what independent retailers are doing to adapt their business by using different technologies. Don’t miss the 2018 COVR Awards coverage including a list with all finalists. We know that this time of the year can be very stressful to many retailers, so don’t let the season stress you out – breath in and breath out, read the Overcome the Holiday Stress Using Chakras.



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