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The Piano Guys (Paul Anderson/producer and videographer, Steven Sharp Nelson/cellist and songwriter, Jon Schmidt/pianist and songwriter, and Al Van Der Beek/music producer and songwriter)

This is pianist Gary Schmidt's second original music release, but these 14 tracks had me thinking it was closer to his fourteenth. Schmidt is

An Open Sky is one of the most evocative "autumnal" albums of recent years, featuring Ryan Judd's emotive fingerstyle acoustic guitar and Kristen Miller's

Flutist Dunning and keyboardist/percussionist Johnson have been crafting sublime Celtic fusion music for a long time (since before 2000, I believe). Eirlandia (inspired by

It’s a tall order to review such an intensely personal album, which is what Eternal is for Kevin Wood (piano, keyboards, percussion). How does

Terra Guitarra (Bruce Hecksel and Julie Patchouli) switch things up a bit on their latest recording, Spirit Wheel. While their tasty, tuneful Latin guitars

Multi-instrumentalist DeMaria took a five-year hiatus from recording to help his mother transition to the next realm and Ama (which means mother in many

Deuter has been releasing new age music since 1971–think about that! Let it sink in. He is not only still relevant, but still on

Cantus, the all-female vocal group/choir from Norway, have released earlier seven albums, yet their fame increased exponentially when their recording of “Vuelie” was selected

2Cellos are Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic and like another internet phenomenon, The Piano Guys, the two musicians have erupted on the classical crossover