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Spring is in the air! Your customers are looking forward to the growing season, spring cleaning, and a fresh start. So, this issue’s Fine

Despite a lively holiday season, if you pay close attention, you will notice that most of your customers have one eye on their own

Back-to-school season triggers a major renewal of spirit. Customers will be determined to invest energy consciously with a clear end in sight. Most of

Customers will be looking for answers mid-summer. The chaos that has become the new normal since last fall has them searching beneath the surface

Summer brings prosperity and a proactive consciousness. Your customers will be more assertive than usual. Don’t try and market to them. Follow their lead.

Spring brings the return of HOPE and renewed activity because of it. Consumers will be looking to take action toward reclaiming their lives and

Shoppers begin the new year determined to make their lives better. As much of what happens in the world appears to be out of

As the holidays arrive, customers are looking for solid connections. Make sure you have something for everyone. Needs vary, but the drive to read

Books are still hot this Holiday season! The stressful geo-political climate has customers focused on being constructive, even in their gift-giving. Mind/Body/Spirit publishers are