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Unless you’ve been hiding under an upturned cauldron somewhere, you might have noticed that witches are having a moment! A huge moment! A “you-can’t-buy-this-kind-of-positive-publicity”

Dwelling is the awareness of our infinite self, unbounded fearlessness will blossom within.     During a crisis, there is possibly no more fundamental emotional reaction than fear.

sn’t 2020 cute,” I say as I shake my head. My eyes glimpse the fabric mask dangling from my purse near the door.

As a savvy business person, you’re probably aware of many of the benefits to having candles in your product mix: they’re great for eye-catching

I emotionally and mentally put the calendar on pause this year. I have been waiting for the news that COVID-19 has been contained and

As a conscious, dedicated body-mind-spirit indie business, undoubtedly your mission-driven direction is clear. Yet, you’re hesitant to jump in to add handmade products to

There is an extraordinary amount of misinformation and our lives are left in disarray. We are sitting in the eye of several storms that

Change seems to be the name of the game in the music business these days, and we are experiencing, there are several themes arising

BE FEARLESSLY PRESENT CENTERED AND ANXIETY WILL FLEE These days are tough for retailers. Our stores remain closed or open without the normal foot traffic we’re

Trade shows as we know them, which have seen their own shift in recent years with the advent of digital trade show platforms and