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October Product Pipeline | Sun’s Eye


Sun's Eye

The Most Beautiful Aromas in the World

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Sun's Eye Ancient Elements Incense

Ancient Elements Incense is created using the masala tradition, which originates from ancient India and uses natural, plant-based ingredients to create an incense stick that is truly of this earth. Available in 12 varieties, the complete set comes with branded wooden display and sample incense sticks.

Purchase an incense display set and receive FREE shipping within the U.S. on your entire order. Valid through October 31, 2018. No promo code needed and can be combined with 10% off discount.


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Sun's Eye Fine Oils

The most beautiful oils in the world.  Over 170 varieties available, including Chakra oils, Mystic Blends, and Gemscents. Our formulas are based on traditional and time-honored associations and are crafted with intention.


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Sun's Eye Mists & Sprays

Our mists and sprays offer the same clearing and purifying properties as traditional smudges, yet are cleaner and more efficient. They also come in a wide variety of scents to suit your tastes. They are available in 10 varieties, including White Sage Clearing Spray, Palo Santo Clearing Spray, French Lavender Mist, and 7 other pleasing options.


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Sun's Eye Aromatherapy Lockets & Bracelets

Your customers can wear their favorite Sun’s Eye oil in a beautiful and durable stainless steel locket or bracelet. Each one is gift boxed and includes extra felt pads. There are 8 beautiful designs to choose from.


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