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June Product Pipeline | Glass Eye Studio


Glass Eye Studio 

Glass Eye Studio has been blowing glass for over 40 years. Our glass is made with ash from the 1980 eruption of Mt St Helens.
Made in the USA hand blown glass paperweights. Each comes gift boxed with a story card. A light box can be added for color change and light effects.
Web: www.glasseye.com | Email: info@glasseye.com | Phone: 1-800-237-6961


Glass Eye Studio Venus

480F 3" Celestial Venus

This beautiful paperweight features swirling clouds of magenta, violet, pink, and subtle hints of gold.

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Glass Eye Studio Neptune

481F 3" Celestial Neptune

Celebrate the splendor of this beautiful, watery world with our Neptune paperweight featuring shimmering blues and tiny, sparkling bubbles.

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Glass Eye Studio Mars

483F 3" Celestial Mars

The Mars paperweight has a rich, deep scarlet background, shot with highlights of gold and sparkling pale blue dichro.

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Glass Eye Studio Moon

488F 3" Celestial Moon

Intricate craters dusted with gold shine brightly from the depths of this beautiful paperweight.

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Glass Eye Studio Universe

494F 3" Celestial Universe

Vast and mysterious, the darkness of space is speckled with tiny points of color and glittering dichro in this paperweight.

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Glass Eye Studio Rings of Saturn

497F 3" Rings of Saturn/Stand

Iridescent rings surround this stunning blue and violet paperweight glittering with dichro.

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Glass Eye Studio Pluto

511F 3" Celestial Pluto

Discovered in 1930, Pluto was the ninth planet in the solar system until 2006 when the International Astronomical Union redefined it as a “dwarf planet”. This paperweight has special glow in the dark features.

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Glass Eye Studio God's Eye

517F 3" Celestial God's Eye

Our God's Eye paperweight is rich in colors. Urban legend surrounding the Eye of the God says make a wish...you have looked at the eye of God.

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Glass Eye Studio Solar Eclipse

521F 3" Celestial Solar Eclipse

Our most popular paperweight in 2017 shows the moon passing between the sun and the earth, darkening the sky with an eerie, fascinating light.

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Glass Eye Studio Full Moon

522F 3" Celestial Full Moon

The paperweight shows a glowing full moon peaking from behind wind swept clouds.

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