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November Product Pipeline | Xeonix Divination


Xeonix Divination

"Tools for the Inner Senses"
Since 1993

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• New Exclusive Stainless Steel Products
• New Stainless Cone Pendulums, no chamber
• One year warranty
• Made in USA



New! Stainless Steel Dome Pendulums

These newly designed Dome pendulums have a stainless steel dome top and a stainless steel curb chain. Our stainless steel parts will last for generations and never tarnish. The dome adds a small amount of weight, about 7 grams, to a lightweight gemstone to make it an excellent pendulum dowsing instrument. The small extra weight provides a great balance and arc swing. All of these pendulums have a matching bead at the end of the chain. These domes do not have a chamber.

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Gemstone Pendant Fragrance Diffusors

We are your source for natural gemstone necklace pendants to safely diffuse fragrances and essential oils. The Stainless Steel chamber contains our exclusive felt pads (or absorbent lava beads) that absorbs the fragrance or oil. This insures that a liquid will not spill out when wearing the pendant. Low cost refills are available.
Use our guide of tips for combining the properties of gemstones with the properties of essential oils.

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Scrying Mirrors

Xeonix introduced black glass scrying mirrors at INATS in the mid 90’s. Since the art of scrying really only requires a reflective object, we now make non-breakable, lightweight acrylic scrying mirrors. All mirrors are supplied with a protective microfiber sleeve that can also be used for cleaning and fingerprint removal. We supply countertop display signs with all new orders.

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Professional Grade Stainless Steel Pendulums

Look no further if you want professional quality dowsing pendulums at reasonable prices. We make nothing but high quality, American made, lifetime lasting pendulums. Most are stainless steel. Tired of low quality returns? In the last few years we’ve never had one of our professional metal pendulums returned for a warranty issue.

For customers who want information using pendulum charts, you need a pendulum with a very good point. Most of our professional models are designed so the dowser can instantly see the answer on a fan chart.

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Exclusive Dowsing Boards

Take a look at our Focused Intention dowsing boards printed on 8“ square clear acrylic. Many people have questions not found in chart books. Write your personal question on a piece of paper under the chart. The subconscious scans that chart. Every time you ask a new question the subconscious sees a new, unique chart. One chart is actually a thousand or more charts. Designed by Xeonix owner George Goodenow, a long time dowser.

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Grab Bags

An assortment of great quality pendulums at a bargain price. $2.75 to $4.75. Most with stainless steel chain and matching beads. Some grab bags have bearing balanced pendulums for a perfect swinging arc.

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Great Stocking Stuffers: Pendulum Dowsing Kits

These kits come with a thick, durable plastic dowsing chart, instructions, drawstring pouch, and a pendulum. A unique gift idea with everything needed for a beginner.

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Gemstone Pendulums

Our most popular product line for decades. Premium quality gemstone pendulums. Most with stainless steel chambers and stainless steel chain with a matching bead. Hand made in the USA. One year warranty.

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Gemstone Necklace Pendants 

Beautiful gemstone necklace points with a stainless steel chamber. The chamber is used for keepsakes, sand, or ashes. We have a low cost Chamber Sealing Kit ($3.00) that includes a small funnel and a tube of instant glue to seal the chamber forever. This kit can seal all of our chamber products.

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