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November Product Pipeline | Inner Peace Music


Steven Halpern - Inner Peace Music

Your source for Grammy award nominated Steven Halpern’s # 1 Best-selling Brain Balancing Music for Healing, Relaxation and Mindfulness
at the Speed of Sound since 1975.
New release: SOUND HEALING 432 Hz - The Definitive Collection from the most trusted name in Sound Healing

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Web: www.stevenhalpern.com
Orderline: 888 765 9697
Email:  innerpeace@wrightful.com


IPM8000 Chakra Suite-web

Chakra Suite
Chakra Suite is the cornerstone of your healing music section. The #1 international bestseller - over 770,000 sold- tunes the 7 chakras with 7 musical keynotes. Voted ‘the most influential New Age album of all time’.

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Sound healing music

Sound Healing 432 Hz
The best of pioneering sound healer Steven Halpern’s 40+ years of music that supports optimal well-being, meditation and healing. Each track is tuned to a harmonic of the Earth’s Schumann Resonance (432 Hz) for greater healing potential.

With Grammy winners David Darling (cello), Paul McCandless (oboe), plus bamboo flute, harp and unconditional love.

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IPM8048 Deep Alpha-web

Deep Alpha: Brainwave Entrainment Music
The first and only Brain Balancing album to receive a Grammy nomination, virtually guaranteed to bring any listener into the relaxed state of mindful awareness and inner peace.
Ideal for relaxation, background ambience, enhanced focus, especially for those with ADHD.

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IPM8057 DeepTheta_web

Deep Theta: Brainwave Entrainment Music
The best-selling Brain Balancing album ever, with 27 weeks on Billboard’s Top Ten New Age chart. Brings the listener into the Deep Theta brainwave range, which is the best for healing, meditation, creativity and instructing DNA to express for optimal well-being.

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IPM8054 Crystal Bowl Healing 2.0_web

Crystal Bowl Healing 2.0
The marriage of the two leading sound healing instruments, gem and gold infused crystal bowls and the Rhodes electric piano create a magnificent soundscape for healing and meditation. Like being in the room with a $12,000 set of bowls, breathtaking hi-def recording sets the new standard of excellence in the field.

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Sound healing music

OM Zone 432Hz
Surrounds the listener in the spiritually uplifting ambiance of the universal OM mantra. Meditative chanting voices, with arrangements featuring sound healer Silvia Nakkach, crystal bowls, angelic choir and the ocean.

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ADHD Brain Balancing Music

ADHD Brain Balancing Music to Enhance Focus
The # 1 Brain Balancing music successfully used by children and adults, with ADHD. Especially recommended for parents and teachers, a worthwhile complement or alternative to pharmaceuticals.

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IPM2034 Eff.Relaxation_web

Effortless Relaxation
Our # 1 music plus subliminal affirmations is now enhanced with brainwave entrainment technology. The affirmations are silent, and harness the power of the subconscious mind to deliver immediate benefits.

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IPM8072 Relax into Sleep web

Relax Into Sleep at the Speed of Sound
A highly effective ‘sound solution’ to solve customers’ chronic sleep deficit. Brain Balancing music relaxes the body, quiets the mind to help drift off to sleep.

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IPM2125 Optimal Health_cover-REV3_2_9_16.indd

Optimal Health at the
Speed of Sound
Harness the power of the subconscious mind to program your genes to express for optimal health. Beautiful, relaxing music, with subliminal affirmations and Brainwave entrainment tones.

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