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November Product Pipeline | QMT Windchimes


QMT Windchimes

We make the wind sing

Whether or not you currently offer wind chimes in your store, distinctive wind chimes from QMT are strong-sellers all year long, and especially during gift-giving seasons.

What makes QMT’s wind chimes unique?
  • The largest selection of colors and styles in a premium wind chime, including wood and metal options.
  • High-quality, musical chimes that provide a rich, melodic tone unlike any other available wind chime.
  • Made in the USA.

Special Offer

Christmas Special: Holiday engraving offer. See below for full details.
Offer expires 12/20/2018


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Call toll-free: 800-345-2530
Email:  sales@qmtwindchimes.com



Corinthian Bells®
QMT’s most popular and best-selling wind chime, featuring a clean profile, contemporary design and gorgeous, melodic tone. This display holds 13 sets of chimes in all sizes and colors.

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Christmas Special: Holiday Engraving
Just in time for the holidays, QMT is offering  6 different engraving options on the popular Festival wind chime brand. Festival chimes are high-quality and affordable, and with an engraved sail make a perfect gift. (Offer expires Dec. 20, 2018)

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Lakeshore Melodies®
QMT’s newest brand, featuring exquisite redwood together with the best possible musical tone and a variety of lake shore colors. This display holds 19 sets of chimes in all sizes and colors.

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The most exceptional chime in the marketplace, featuring engraved silver rings on a tiered dome, sparkling tubes, an intricate lacy texture and a glossy finish, giving  Arabesque® chimes a sophisticated look and feel. This display holds 8 sets of chimes in a compact space.

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