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October Product Pipeline | Inner Peace Music

Steven Halpern - Inner Peace Music

Your source for Grammy award nominated, multi-platinum selling music of sound healing pioneer, Steven Halpern.

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IPM8111 Echoes of a Dream_web


“Echoes of a Dream” is sure to delight old and new fans. This is Steven Halpern at his artistic peak!

Soulful melodies featuring Kristin Hoffmann( wordless vocals on title track), David Darling (cello), plus duduk, bamboo flute, gold-infused crystal bowl and Steven’s legendary Rhodes electric piano.  The entire album is tuned to A-432 Hz for optimal healing effects. (IPM 8111)

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IPM8000 Chakra Suite-web


CHAKRA SUITE is the # 1 best-selling chakra healing album of all time…over 780,000 sold. It should be the cornerstone of your healing music section, and recommended by Shirley MacLaine, Dannion Brinkley, James Van Praagh and many other best-selling authors. The secret: the music resonates and activates the 7 chakras with the 7 sonic keynotes, featuring the healing tones of the Rhodes electric piano. Now celebrating the 45th anniversary of its first edition, which helped launch the New Age music genre in the alternative market.  Steven discusses its spiritual importance on his new Great Minds series interview on the Gaia.com network. (IPM 8000)

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IPM8432 Sound Healing 432_web


The best of pioneering sound healer Steven Halpern’s 40+ years of music that supports optimal well-being, meditation and healing. Each track is tuned to a harmonic of the Earth’s Schumann Resonance (432 Hz) for greater healing potential.  With Grammy winners David Darling (cello), Paul McCandless (oboe), plus bamboo flute, harp and unconditional love. (IPM 8432)

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IPM2124 ADHD Subliminal Mindful Music_web

ADHD MINDFUL MUSIC FOR ENHANCED FOCUS (with Subliminal Affirmations)

Halpern’s music has been used successfully by individuals with ADHD for over 30 years. This new album is the first on the market to enhance the benefits with focused affirmations, mixed inaudibly into the music.  You don’t hear them, but the subconscious mind does, and responds automatically. (IPM 2124)

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IPM8054 Crystal Bowl Healing 2.0 _web


The two leading sound healing instruments, the Rhodes electric piano and Crystal Tones ® Alchemy gem and gold infused crystal bowls create a spiritually uplifting soundscape for healing and meditation.  Like being in the room with a $12,000 set of bowls, breathtaking hi-def recording sets the new standard of excellence in the field.

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IPM 8075 Massage_vol_2_Cover_web

MUSIC for MASSAGE Vol. 2 (432 Hz)

Music for Massage vol. 2 (432 Hz) is the much requested followup to Halpern’s first massage album.

“His music is the perennial, overwhelming choice …it’s in a class by itself!” – MASSAGE magazine  (IPM 8075)

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IPM8048 Deep Alpha_web


Grammy ® nominee (2012) is continues to be a bestseller, transporting new and long-time fans into instant states of mindful awareness and inner peace. Features Grammy winners Paul McCandless (oboe) and Michael Manring (melodic bass) enhancing Steven’s iconic Rhodes electric piano.  (Think tuning forks played by a keyboard; it’s not a synthesizer).   (IPM 8048)

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IPM8042_OmZone 432_web


Surrounds the listener in the spiritually uplifting ambience of the universal OM mantra. Meditative chanting voices, with arrangements featuring sound healer Silvia Nakkach, crystal bowls, angelic choir and the ocean.  (IPM 8042)

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The # 1 subliminal relaxation album since 1980!  Beautiful, relaxing music enhanced with inaudible affirmations which harness the power of the subconscious mind to deliver the results your customers want. Now also includes brainwave entrainment technology for even greater effectiveness.   (IPM 2034)

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