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October Product Pipeline | Soundings of the Planet


Soundings of the Planet

Dudley & Dean Evenson and the Soundings Ensemble.
Best-selling, award-winning relaxation music since 1979
Plus new book - Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music

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Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music
Dudley Evenson & Dean Evenson, M.S.

Drawing from four decades of creating music for meditation and yoga, the Evensons have written their long-awaited first book bringing together their wisdom and life experience. Filled with practical tips, tools, exercises and illustrations this beautiful full color guidebook supports meditators at all levels on an empowering journey of finding inner peace in our often-chaotic world.

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Net of Indra_SP-7228_Dean-Evenson_Tim-Alexander_1000pxSQ

Net of Indra
Dean Evenson & Tim Alexander

Dean Evenson teams up with internationally acclaimed master drummer Tim Alexander (Primus, A Perfect Circle) to transport you on an epic and engaging sonic journey. This meditative dance of lilting flute and resonant drums, gongs, and singing bowls uplifts the soul and stirs the imagination! These two musical vanguards merge soaring flute melodies with the pulsing underscore of grounding rhythms and tones.

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Prayers on the Wind: Native American & Silver Flutes
Dean Evenson & Peter Ali

Stunning duets harmoniously blend silver flute and wooden flutes of different tribes and cultures. Delicate natural sounds of eagles, song birds, and ocean waves enhance this compelling musical journey flowing through many worlds. The mood and feeling of each piece was determined by the nature of the wooden flute as well as the interactive creativity of the musicians themselves.

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Amber Sky
Dean Evenson, Phil Heaven, Jeff Wilson

Evenson teams up with Phil Heaven who enhances the musical conversation with his exotic and sonorous viola stylings. Also featured is Jeff Willson who adds his unique blend of keyboards and bass to further enrich the music. The result is a mystical interplay of harmony and bliss – the perfect soundscape for a massage, yoga or deep relaxation.

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STILLNESS Dean Evenson-1000

Dean Evenson

This deeply meditative music connects you with the still, quiet place within. Long, slow keyboard tones and rich atmospheric arrangements combine with the pure sounds of silver and bass flutes to create a space for inner peace and healing. Reaching for ultimate calm, this music reflects the inner silence we strive for. One of Dean’s most meditative albums ever.

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SmallGolden Spiral by DeanEvenson&ScottHuckabay

Golden Spiral
Dean Evenson & Scott Huckabay

After 20 years and over a dozen collaborative albums, trance guitarist Huckabay joins Dean in this free-flowing journey of atmospheric arrangements, gentle swirls of energy and rolling rhythms making the music perfect for yoga, sacred dance, relaxation and massage. Follow up to their award-winning masterpiece Harmonic Way.

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Desert Dawn Song
Dean & Dudley Evenson

This was the very first album recorded in 1979 on Soundings of the Planet label. It was also one of the first musical recordings to include the sounds of nature combined with peaceful music and it helped launch a whole new genre of music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Dudley’s haunting vocals and harp merge with the dawn bird calls along with Dean’s flute and Jonathan Kramer’s cello.

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Harmonic Way
Dean Evenson & Scott Huckabay

Trance guitarist Scott Huckabay is a master of guitar harmonics, creating pure, bell-like sounds by gently tapping the strings on the neck of his guitar. His innovative guitar effects resonate with Tibetan singing bowls played by Dean Evenson and Dudley Evenson who also perform flute, harp and keyboards. Phil Heaven enhances the musical conversation with his exotic viola.

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Chakra MeditationsTones Evenson-1000

Chakra Meditations & Tones
Dean & Dudley Evenson with Beth Quist

An exquisite and practical tool for balancing and empowering the chakras designed to be listened to many times. In the first half hour, Dean’s music and Dudley’s soothing voice guides meditations for each of the seven chakras. The eighth track balances all. Second half hour features beautiful vocal toning by Beth Quist using both chakra vowel tones and Bija mantras.

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Chakra Healing DeanEvenson-1000

Chakra Healing
Dean Evenson & Soundings Ensemble

This perennial top-seller offers a deeply meditative, musical experience supporting harmony among all the chakras. Dean’s flute and keyboards resonate with Scott Huckabay’s trance guitar and Dudley’s harp and Tibetan singing bowls. Each track reflects a specific chakra with the final track bringing balance among them all. Liner notes describe the chakra system in detail.

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