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The Wisdom of Tula

Brand NEW!!!

The Wisdom of Tula Card Deck offers personal growth themes that provide guidance into the many aspects of your daily and life journey, with meanings that can speak to an unlimited number of circumstances. a highly recommended gift with beautiful images and thoughts to help you find your own true North. Boxed set of 44 cards and booklet.

Price $22.95


A Perennial Top Seller

The Mythical Goddess Tarot 10th Anniversary Edition is an extremely powerful card deck—78 cards and booklet — can actualize your Sacred Feminine essence by providing direct access to the Goddess through her many faces.

Price U$29.99


The Perfect Holiday Offering

Enter the Magical Realm of Quintangled, a unique, original board game of Strategy, Chance, and the mysterious element of Destiny! Up to 8 can play; every game will be different as you navigate the many opportunities and encounter twists of Fate.

Price U$49.99

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Top Selling Card Deck for Kids & Adults

This delightful deck features 24 Spirit Animal cards with child-focused messages for nurturing connection, reassurance, and confidence. The guidebook includes insight and activities for each card plus a section on how to help your child use the deck to inspire thoughtful, creative responses to the everyday challenges of childhood.

Price U$16.95


One of the most comprehensive guides to the body's energy systems available today!

The Essence of Sound by iconic author Evelyn Mulders is a remarkable yet easy-to-use guidebook for all types of healers and anyone interested in enhancing their own wellness. Effortlessly use sounds, herbs, crystals, gemstones, aromas, colors, and affirmations to orchestrate the energies of your meridians, chakras, and aura into a beautiful symphony.

Price U$29.95


A Masterpiece on the Body-Mind-Spirit Genre

Second in The Way series, The Way of the Lightkeeper guides us into the deepest recesses of our hearts: for those who sense the greater oneness of all existence and are searching for a personal path to the Light. Author Catherine Grace Landry grounds this path in actionable practicality for living in joy in this complex maze of a world.

Price U$18.99

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For anyone who wants a meaningful and intimate relationship with their soul

The hypnotically written true story of author Catherine Grace Landry's journey of soul loss, retrieval, and awakening. Containing deeply shamanic dreams and messages, this is a blueprint for working directly with your soul to achieve profound joy and immeasurable inner peace.

Price U$15.99


SEVENTEEN national awards and honors

A marvelous modern fable tale about trees, nature and also the relationship of living things within a forest ecosystem. Children will experience the integrated way in which Earth's inhabitants live in relationship to each other, and learn the value of respect for each form of life.

Price U$16.95


2018 Product of the Year

Divine Dog Wisdom Cards are designed to inspire and delight you while offering meaningful guidance for your day and your life. 62 unique cards portray universal themes such as Passion, Purpose, Balance, Cooperation, and more.

Price U$19.99


Calling All Cat Lovers!

A creative, insightful, and paws-i-tively beautiful work of heart. 60 beautiful images of cats and kittens, a purpose-built deck of kitty wisdom cards. Offers insight, perspective and wisdom about why you might have 'pounced on' that card.

Price U$19.99



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