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Peaceful Music with a Groove

This is the second in the series of  Healing Music albums by guitarist/composer/bandleader Valerie Romanoff, and includes a variety of exotic instruments designed to open hearts, blend worlds and bring humanity closer together. Each piece is a journey, inviting the listener to center their awareness in the present moment, find their inner oasis, and connect to the Divinity within, Many of the pieces are long form (15+ minutes) with shorter radio edits of each track. Valerie specializes in a variety of musical styles, offering different tempos to match different moods.

 As a founder and director of the world-renown party band, The Starlight Orchestra, and leader of inspiring original music with Spirit JamFest, Romanoff performs music infused with intentions of peace and love, inspiring audiences to celebrate together and uplift our world.

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HMV2 w Shey no disc

Healing Music Volume 2

Won Gold- Best Meditation Album COVR
Won Silver- Best World Fusion Album COVR
Won Best World Music Album Zone Music Reporter

A heart-centred instrumental music for meditation, relaxation, yoga, positivity, and love. This "peaceful music with a groove" blends Eastern and Western sounds, inviting listeners to connect with stillness, find inner peace and move into Oneness.

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Best of Healing Music

The Best of Healing Music - Peaceful Music with a Groove

Meditation music that knows how to rock (softly)! A world blend of exotic instruments and layers, featuring acoustic and electric guitar work, music meant for inner exploration and to activate peace and love.

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Healing Music for Massage

Healing Music for Massage, Meditation and Transformation

Created for massage, relaxation, tablework, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, resting, sleeping, painting, cooking, loving or any joyful activity. The intent of this album is to help create a peaceful and loving space, and to assist in the opening and deepening of our individual experiences.

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Reflections- The Yogi Journey front album cover art

Reflections: The Yogic Journey of Life

This project is a collaboration between Valerie Romanoff and the yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch. Tao’s poems and guided meditations were published in her book, Reflections: The Yogic Journey of Life. This CD accompanies the book, and features Valerie’s music underscoring Tao’s spoken words. The material is contemplative, relaxing, and in keeping with Valerie’s “transformational music” projects, inspiring and uplifting.

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