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August Product Pipeline | Nature’s Artifacts


Nature’s Artifacts

Bringing the Natural World to You.

7 Chakras, 7 ways to feel better...

Our broad line products include Healing Crystals, Inspiration banner, tumble stones, metaphysical products, chakra, singing bowls, intention, and smudging kits to name few.

Our Competitive outset is to cater to consumer needs that can help improve people’s well being and strive towards changing economic challenges.


Quartz Cat Face

Located: Crown Chakra I Color Map: Purple

Interconnect to the Crown chakra as you headstand during your yoga. We carry several varieties of manifestation Crystals that include Quartz Crystals and Selenite jewelry to home décor accents.


Golden Sheen

Located: Third Eye Chakra I Color Map: Blue

Third Eye Chakra allows Golden Sheen to let its user enter clear thoughts. Seek for other noteworthy Third Eye Crystals such as Smoky Quartz & Amethyst for your meditation armor for your relaxation.


Cobalt Color Singing Bowl 

Located: Throat Chakra I Color Map: Cobalt

Harmonize your Chakras by striking the singing bowl gently. We carry all 7 chakra Singing bowls that respond to their respective vibrancy. Discover the symmetrical Shapes of your Chakra Crystals.


Malachite Free Form

Located: Heart Chakra I Color Map: Green

Heart Chakra Allows your Malachite to absorb negative energies. You can guard yourself against deprived affection with other Heart Chakra crystal variants from Rose Quartz family and Sodalite Gemstones.


Pyrite cluster

Located: Solar Plexus Chakra I Color Map: Yellow

Solar Plexus balancing yields prosperity & diligence. Pyrite reignites your willpower towards relentless success & discipline. All crystals are ethically sourced to bring you only the Highest Quality Crystals.


Tiger Eye point

Located: Sacral Chakra I Color Map: Orange

Tiger Eye point favors the one who is inspired to taste success, bringing out the beneficial effects of the sacral chakra. Reveal yourself to your desired shape of interesting Tiger Eye variants.


Tumbled Snowflake Obsidian

Located: Root Chakra I Color Map: Red

Snowflake Obsidian’allows the mind to balance and align the root chakra. Have a beautiful vase? Fill it with from 80+ available assorted tumbled stones to compliment your home decor.

We carry a wide variety of Crystal & Chakra pendulums that pertain to metaphysical and healing practices. Find our full selection that will cater to all your special anniversaries.

Please visit our website www.natures-artifacts.com to see our full line of products. Also, subscribe to our newsletter for updates on new arrivals.