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July Product Pipeline | Esprit Creations




Fine Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry • Exclusive Designs • Exceptional Gemstones • Thousands of Artisan Designs • Quick Delivery • Friendly Service • Fairly Traded 

Esprit Creations wishes you well. We have been taking this time to revise our website with a more refined look and effortless browsing. We created new meaningful jewelry designs that inspire the spirit and increase your sales. Have fun checking out our new evolved look. May our spirits and business flourish together.



All Angels Have Wings I Metaphysical Symbols

Embrace a wide selection of Metaphysical Symbols, Nature Themes, and Inspirational Designs. Our symbol creations reflect the path of love we journey on. Come journey with us.

“Your jewelry has a certain crispness and shine that I don’t see anywhere else.”  

Greg, Multi Store Owner, NC


New! Reversible Affordable

Blue Larimar and Pink Conch are natural resources from the Dominican Republic. We had our artisans cut the rough in these mystical moon shapes and other irresistible shapes to make reversible rings and pendants that will charm your customers and increase sales.

Pack- Moonstone Lab Glow Pack

We added 4 new discounted packs to help you save. When you buy our ready-made packs you will receive our best quality jewelry while enjoying a valued discount.

Unique Gemstones

Aqua Prase is a newly mined stone from Africa.  It is rare to find such bright oceanic aqua tones as in this pendant. Aqua Prase opens both the heart and mind chakras. We are known for our unique stones with brilliant colors, eye-catching patterns, and flattering gem combinations that make our exclusive designs aesthetically captivating and meaningful.

Make your business stand out

EC excels in stone quality and workmanship that is consistently brilliant and sparkling in all price points, like these very affordable faceted Kyanite Precious Sparkle earrings.

View What’s New - Amaze Your Customers!

By keeping a pulse on the latest fashion trends and economic events, EC is able to give you exactly what customers want. We continuously create new designs to keep you evolving towards success. View more new designs like this Super Soul Crystal Pendant with Kyanite in New Arrivals

Under $25 - Adorable Affordable

Make quick sales! We assure you that our adorable and affordable lower-priced jewelry line remains consistent with our high standard of meticulous workmanship and high-quality sparkling gemstones. Our Moonstone and Lab always has a high glow that will increase your integrity and sales.

Our Rings Will Become Your Best Sellers

We carry the largest eclectic selection of award-winning rings in all stones, sizes, and price points.  Choose from dainty, elegant, basic, flashy, tribal, or unisex; They are all winners!

Classy Pendants - Dress ‘em Down or Dress ‘em Up

EC takes pride in having the most versatile designs in flattering combinations. In our fast-paced world, interchangeable jewelry is a must. The same pendant is a conversation piece for every occasion, like this radiant Rainbow Moonstone with 2 shades of Apatite gems and  Moldavite in the rough with a touch of sparkling Chrome Diopside.  Basic elegance!

We Carry the Largest Selection of Authentic Chakra Jewelry 

EC assures each natural gemstone corresponds to its chakra in the proper sequence.  Your customers will cherish balancing their Chakras by wearing our exclusive Chakra designs, like our forever popular Chakra Fan Ring.



Elaine Sheth
GIA Gemologist, Designer, Owner
Esprit Creations