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June Product Pipeline | Mandala Arts

Phone: 1-800-344-8072

Mandala Arts 

We are dedicated to the creation of positive artwork with spiritual and
ecological themes and images of peace. It is our mission to offer
affordable, beautiful and inspiring art that supports and affirms
peace & well-being.

We would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU, our customers,
for sharing this vision and supporting peace & well-being in the world!

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spiritual artwork

MB28 Rainbow Spiral

New JUNE 2019!
Complementary interconnected
natural forces engage in dynamic
living spiral, giving rise to amazing
spectrum of physical manifestations.

View Products:
MB28 Meditation Banner $8
TB28 Temple Banner $17.50
S72 Window Sticker $1.50



MB27 Spring Sprite

New JUNE 2019!
Benevolent elemental being
emerging with the season
and sparking to life a
new cycle of creation.

View Products:
MB27 Meditation Banner $8
TB27 Temple Banner $17.50
S71 Window Sticker $1.50



MB26 Ancient Wisdom

New JUNE 2019!
Intelligence is everywhere
and in all things from the
smallest atom to the entire
Universe. All Life possesses
deep & Ancient Wisdom.

View Products:
MB26 Meditation Banner $8
TB26 Temple Banner $17.50
S70 Window Sticker $1.50



MB25 Om Flower

The Om symbol rises
from an unfolding lotus
flower, radiating out
geometric patterns in
harmony with the Universe.

View Products:
MB25 Meditation Banner $8
TB18 Temple Banner $17.50
S69 Window Sticker $1.50



MB23 Metatron Mandala

The sacred elements of Fire,
Water, Air, Earth and Ether are
within Metatron's Cube, a dynamic
geometric formation intrinsic to all
matter, consciousness & life.

View Products:
MB23 Meditation Banner $8
TB23 Temple Banner $17.50
S67 Window Sticker $1.50



MB15 Light Body

The beautiful luminous Spiritual
Body that transcends time,
space & all limitations of the
physical dimension.

View Products:
MB15 Meditation Banner $8
TB15 Temple Banners $17.50
S59 Window Sticker $1.50
IA12 Illumination Art Sticker $2.50




MB09 Flower of Life

Ancient & powerful geometric
pattern of Creation woven
into the fabric of the Universe.

View Products:
MB09 Meditation Banner $8
TB09 Temple Banner $17.50
S56 Window Sticker $1.50
IA02 Illumination Art Sticker $2.50


MB04 Sri Yantra

Timeless spiritual geometry
clears the way for the
realization of hopes
dreams & visions.

View Products:
MB04 Meditation Banner $8
TB04 Temple Banners $17.50
S39 Window Sticker $1.50
IA09 Illumination Art Sticker $2.50



MB06 TRee of Life

An elegant symbol of Nature
representing all living beings
interwoven in the intricate
web of life.

View Products:
MB06 Meditation Banner $8
TB06 Temple Banner $17.50
S53 Window Sticker $1.50
IA04 Illumination Art Sticker $2.50



CB01 Rainbow Chakra

The seven psychic centers
of  Spiritual Power, each
with its own vibration,
color & sound.

View Products:

CB01 Small Chakra Banner $6
CBL01 Large Chakra Banner $13.50
CS01 Chakra Sticker $1.25