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May Product Pipeline | Dragon’s Eye Incense


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Don’t forget to take advantage of our first-time buyers special.
Purchase $150 of Dragon’s Eye or Scented Sensations packaged 11” sticks or cones by June 30, use code PIPELINE19 you will receive
24 packs of our 11” sticks for FREE

two packs

From the company that brought you Dragon’s Eye Incense, we bring you its’ sister brand Scented Sensations. Since 2005 Makes Good Scents has been making some of the best hand dipped incense around, you just never heard of them. All of our incense is made with the finest essential oils from around the world and uncut, aromatherapy-grade, skin-safe fragrance oils of the highest quality, carefully blended to produce the finest line of incense, made right here in the USA.
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I would like to assure you that my sister is of the highest quality and is a welcome addition to the Makes Good Scents family. Like my name sake it is hand dipped, and made in small batches, sometimes on the day it is ordered, to maintain the freshest quality. Currently over 70 fragrances are available, and more are in the works.
Available in 11” sticks and 1” cones. Both of our lines are a $1.40 wholesale, unless you buy six of the same fragrance then the wholesale is $1.30.
The suggested retail price is $3.75

Dragon's Eye Incense stick

We recommend that everyone take the burn test. Pick any other dipped incense and light it, before blowing out the flame look at the smoke. Dragon’s Eye smoke is white, clean, and free from soot. Most other brands will have a black smoke that sticks to walls and other surfaces.

We are so sure you will love our incense that we will send you a couple of sample packages, free, to try out for yourself. Smell the quality and you will understand why other stores have proudly sold our products for years. Request your samples.

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Place an order of $100 or more and
you will always receive
FREE incense to
offset your cost of shipping

To keep the general public from knowing your prices, you will need to request access to our wholesale section.

  1.  Follow this LINK to create a log in
  2. Then click this LINK to fill out the form to request access to our wholesale website. Where it asks "How did you hear about/find us?" Use the term PIPELINE.
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