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May Product Pipeline | Red Wheel/Weiser


Red Wheel/Weiser publishes nonfiction books that expand the mind, heal the body, nurture the spirit and provide tools and inspiration for improving lives.


The Language of Houseplants
Cheralyn Darcey
ISBN: 9781925924398

This guide features 44 beautifully illustrated houseplants, vintage botanical images, and in-depth explanations of their characteristics and qualities, helping you to create an indoor botanical haven of healing, balance, and love. Included are indoor gardening care guides and helpful tips, along with a resource list of plants for each month.

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The Language of Flowers 
Cheralyn Darcey
ISBN: 9781925682984

The Language of Flowers contains affirmations full of delightful words of happiness to lift you up, encourage a sparkling smile, and bring joy to your day. Botanical expert and artist Cheralyn Darcey shares with you 40 beautiful mini cards illustrated with vintage botanical art to gladden your heart and soul.

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Cheralyn Darcey
ISBN: 9781925429466

Flowerpaedia is a handy A–Z reference guide of over 1,000 flowers. Readers will learn what each flower means—emotionally, spiritually, and symbolically—and the dictionary format allows people to search by the feeling or emotion they wish to convey or change. Included is an index of each flower.

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Inspired by Frida
Akal Pritam
ISBN: 9781925924220

These cards are inspired by Frida Kahlo—her style, her life, and her Mexican heritage—and are meant to remind you to never give up and to live your creative destiny. Each card has original artwork with wonderful guidance on the back from Akal Pritam, an internationally successful dharma artist.

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Let Go
Akal Pritam
ISBN: 9781925924237

These cards serve as reminders to stay focused on your creative destiny and future success and live your life with purpose. Each card has original artwork with wonderful guidance on the back from Akal Pritam, an internationally successful dharma artist.

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Chakra Love
Katie Manekshaw
ISBN: 9781925924251

When your chakras are aligned and in balance, you’ll experience your purest self and awaken a new sense of well-being. By working closely with these cards, you’ll gain a deep sense of self-awareness, empowerment, and healing. Each card features a healing crystal to aid chakra balancing.

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Secret Garden
Jessica Le
ISBN: 9781925924244

This whimsical deck features quaint illustrations of rose trellises, strange statues, and fairy gates with a changing border element. Each of the 40 charming cards contains small signs and encouragement imbued with magic from every corner of the garden.

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Mystical Healing Reading Cards
Inna Segal; Illustrated by Jake Baddeley
ISBN: 9781925924183

The Mystical Healing Reading Cards deck offers a life-changing opportunity to release you from fear, anxiety, negative ancestral patterns and karma. It leads you to develop your capacity to understand your karmic destiny. Embrace a renewed self-awareness and resilience and get ready to tackle life’s challenges and embrace its opportunities.

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Occult Tarot
Travis McHenry
ISBN: 9781925924213

Adhering to the Solomonic principles of demon conjuration, Occult Tarot allows practitioners to tame the beasts that wander between the physical and spiritual worlds.  This deck is designed through the lens of a 17th-century grimoire, presenting a fully realized divination tool to embrace and behold the mysteries of the night.

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Angel Tarot
Travis McHenry
ISBN: 9781925924206

The Angel Tarot, depicting the 72 angels of the Kabbalah, is nothing like a traditional deck of angel cards. To protect you from summoning any unwanted spirits, two sigils are combined with a powerful, compelling invocation on the back of each card, as well as the Great Pentacle of Solomon.

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