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Playlist – September 2021

Heart Awakening

Shambhu (Neil Vineberg), Acoustic Shine


It’s the 3rd time this week I’ve heard music for and about awakening hearts. I think we need to pay attention. This brilliant new 5-track EP from legendary jazz guitarist, Shambhu, will bring you into a state of ultra-peace in 23 minutes.  Joining Shambhu here are Premik Russel Tubbs (soprano saxophone), Todd Boston (percussion), Geoffrey Menin (piano), Frank Martin (piano), and Matteo Palmer (electric guitar).  “Heart Awakening” is effortless peace. This is as calming, soothing, and as authentic as it gets. It’s a quintessential piece of art for the healing of the collective heart. Timely. Masterful. And full of soul.


Rick Sparks, Rick Sparks Music


Rick Sparks is known in the New Age genre for his melodic, piano-based songs. What makes his music distinctive on “Bella,” is not only that, but his use of angelic choir; three-part vocal synth harmonies, and gorgeously cinematic synth string arrangements. With the addition of flute, the 40-minute album is like a gentle, angelic call for peace.  This recording feels healing; an intriguing blend of wisdom, elegance, and innocence. Rick’s desire as an artist is “to create music that feeds the soul, inspires and uplifts the listener with beauty and peace.” He heartily succeeds. Peace be with us all.

More Than Time

Ryan Michael Richards, Independent


Do you have time for 19 minutes of flowing peace in your life? Sure, you do. That’s what we have here in Ryan Michael Richards’ new EP, “More than Time.” Extremely melodic and soothing to the spirit, Ryan is joined here by a host of well-known musical talent contributing to this vibe: Jill Haley (English horn), Premik Russell Tubbs (soprano saxophone), Michael Manring (bass), and Charlie Bisharrat (violin).  Co-produced by the legendary Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton, this warm and heartfelt, 5-song, acoustic guitar-based EP is guaranteed to bring you back to a place of pure tranquility in a jiffy.

Dyan Garris
Author: Dyan Garris

Dyan Garris is an award-winning New Age recording artist, award-winning author, and music reviewer, who has recorded and produced 14 albums. Garris’ recordings include a series of independently tested music and meditation CDs that earned The National Health & Wellness Stamp of Approval. Her music is found on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, SiriusXM, Muzak, Music Choice, airlines, website, and more.

Website: https://www.dyangarrismusic.com

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