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Playlist – May 2022


Lis Addison, All Aglow

Lis is an award-winning composer of spiritually based electro-acoustic vocal music. In these 8-tracks, exquisite in every detail, Lis pairs English lyrics with Sanskrit mantras honoring the four elements plus ‘light above’, ‘green below’, and ‘happiness within”. We are invited to remember all that truly brings us joy. There is something magical about her voice too. It’s as if she unlocks every mystery in the universe with that voice. Not surprisingly, she also works with the Akashic records as a soul path guide. We feel ourselves effortlessly absorbing love rather than simply listening. Phenomenal, intriguing, and completely captivating in every direction.



Michele Mclaughlin, CD Baby

It’s often said there’s no place like home. And we can definitively say there is no solo pianist quite like award-winning Michele McLaughlin. With over 1.5 billion streams on major digital platforms, she’s doing something right. Home is about the journey she and her boyfriend embarked upon while searching for their perfect home. Here, from the enchanting ‘cozy’ cover to the 12 delightful solo piano tracks, we are invited along on that joyful journey. Heartfelt, authentic, uplifting, celebratory, and optimistic for all, the universal themes of love, home, and hearth shine through in this must-have solo piano album.


The Water of Life

Kerani, Kerani Music

Music from Kerani is always magical. An award-winning composer of neo-classical and symphonic New Age music, her new 10-track album The Water of Life contains some of the most beautiful music you’ll ever hear. Along with synth, keyboard, and ethereal vocals, she has also incorporated a live string section, perfectly capturing the essence of water in its many forms: Sometimes gentle, sometimes not, but always representing the flow of life. This contemporary instrumental music is heartfelt, cinematic, and rich, with every note and nuance carefully crafted. Here, we can effortlessly come back to our true essence just by listening. Healing and rejuvenating.


Dyan Garris
Author: Dyan Garris

Dyan Garris is an award-winning New Age recording artist, award-winning author, and music reviewer, who has recorded and produced 14 albums. Garris’ recordings include a series of independently tested music and meditation CDs that earned The National Health & Wellness Stamp of Approval. Her music is found on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, SiriusXM, Muzak, Music Choice, airlines, website, and more.

Website: https://www.dyangarrismusic.com

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