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Volume 35, Issue 2

In this edition, we dive into handcrafted and bespoke products, unveiling the power of creativity and how unique designs can greatly influence consumer purchase behavior. That discussion ties in perfectly with our curated selection of handmade products. Also, we look at how expanding your business into a wholesale model can be achievable. One of our contributors share her story and give tips on what you need to know before you get started. Another piece worth popping over to is our feature on pop-ups, and limited time events. Find out how thinking outside the brick-and-mortar box may help increase traffic to your main business. Don’t have a physical store? There are potential benefits for you too! As you know, between business topics and ideas – spirituality is at our core. As always, we round out our features with stories to help you find ways to quite your mind during stressful times and explore different ways to live a better life this season with our new Holistic Approach limited series.

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