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Volume 34, Issue 5

Your business is the soul of your community! So, let’s focus on switching our mindset and find comfort in what makes sense now in today’s climate. Your mind is a powerful tool and positive thinking and belief in yourself, and your abilities can go a long way in helping to weather today’s trials. Rethink how you can accept the need for change in a positive way. The answer may come to you when you least expect it. Keep your mind and heart open to finding the answers you need. I’ll make no illusions – it’s likely to take substantial work. But we’ll continue to provide advice on ways to improve your business. Techniques to increase your social media footprint. Methods to drive traffic to your store’s website. Creative ideas for fostering that all-important sense of community. And stories from business owners like yourself, going through the same difficulties to remind you that we’re all going through this together and we’ll get through it together.

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