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Forever And A Day New Age Emporium

Forever And a Day New Age Emporium


7830 Highway 92, Woodstock, GA 30189

(770) 516-6969


Owners: Michael and Sherry Davis

Year Opened: 2010

Store Size: approx. 4,500 square feet

Hours: 10am to 630pm Monday-Thursday, 10am to 8pm Friday, 10am to 630pm Saturday, 12pm to 6pm Sunday

Products in Stock: Aromatherapy, candles, incense, herbs, books, jewelry, journals, salt lamps, tumbled stones, raw crystals and gemstones, tapestries, art and banners, CDs, DVDs, and more.

Inventory Method/Software Use: ShopKeep

Inventory Turn: 90 days

Sales by category: Crystals, Incenses, Jewelry



Woodstock Salt Cave (inside store), daily psychic readings, monthly psychic fair, metaphysical classes, massages, and Reiki.



Forever And A Day New Age Emporium is a family-owned business located in Woodstock, GA. It has been described by some of their customers as a beacon to their community. They offer classes and a full staff of metaphysical practitioners to guide customers in their quest for knowledge. A large part of their business is healing services, including massage and Reiki, halotherapy in our salt cave, crystal healing and CBD products. Their goal is help customers on their journey to enlightenment by offering the finest body-mind-spirit merchandise available from the premiere artisans and manufactures in the industry.


Why did you decide to open the store?

We wanted to create a place where people of all beliefs could come and relax, heal, and meet others on their respective spiritual journey. A place where customers can let go of the outside world, find comfort, peace, or have a place to just BE. Folks that frequently come to our store just come in to soak up the energy!

As a store owner can you share a little bit of your weekly routine with us?

Being the owners of a small business, we wear many hats. Our weekly routine includes email management daily, reviewing social media, responding to reviews and recommendations, product evaluation, ordering inventory, managing a staff of full-time employees, managing practitioners, scheduling events, building maintenance, overseeing the set up new product displays, managing advertising, setting up our LED sign material, and more. We also attend several gift and gem and mineral shows on a regular basis because we are constantly on the lookout for awesome new products for the store. And in our spare time (LOL), we volunteer our time for some local new age events. We are Certified Infinite Possibility Trainers and have assisted at Mike Dooley events and at local Kryon events.

How do you promote your brand and products?

We maintain ads in two local new age magazines. We also have a 4’ x 8’ LED sign in front of our store, with messages that change every minute, 24 hours per day. We also have a website and a presence on social platforms where we post new products and services regularly.

Do you work with consignment products?

We do carry some consignment products, but we’re very meticulous about the ones we accept. Consignment is a lot of work, with limited income, but it allows us to feature some local folks’ products that are unique to our store.

Do you sell products online?


Do you work exclusively with local artists and Made in USA products or do you carry imported products too?

At one point, we thought we would only sell products made in the USA, but that was very naive on our part, due to the nature of the products we sell. So, we carry both.

When choosing new products for your store what is your criteria in terms of selection?

Quality is the most important factor, along with the price point. If the product is not worth the price, it won’t sell.

Do you usually buy products advertised in Retailing Insight?

Most certainly! We were so excited when we first discovered Retailing Insight (at that time it was called New Age Retailer), because of the wealth of information it gave us about new age products.

Any plans to expand business to attract a broader audience?

We just did that! In September of last year, we built the Woodstock Salt Cave at Forever And A Day, a 450-square-foot salt cave. We also increased the size of our building by 1,000 square feet, which allowed us to gain some much-needed back office space and inventory storage space. We increased the size of our employee kitchen, added a massage and Reiki room, and a new reader room for our psychics. Our remodel took four months to complete, but we’re never through! People that know us know that we’re always on to the next thing…which will be a crystal healing room!

What advice do you have for our retailers?

Be true to yourself and follow your dreams!




Roberta Gazzarolle
Author: Roberta Gazzarolle

Publisher at Retailing Insight Magazine.


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