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Interview with Alexandra Wenman

Meet Alexandra Wenman, a gifted angel communicator, spiritual alchemist, channel, healer, poet, and presenter. She is the former editor of Prediction Magazine, the founder of Precious Wisdom Alchemy and the creator of The Alexandra Wenman Show on YouTube. Her ability to see, feel, hear, and experience beyond our physical reality and experience other realms and dimensions of existence is extraordinary as are her unique skills to communicate with angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and celestial beings of light.

In this exclusive interview about her work and upcoming deck Archangel Fire Oracle, you can discover how to connect with the angels, access their guidance and support, open your heart to love and healing, reach the rainbow light of your own divinity, and how spiritual guidance can help your healing journey, allowing you to remember who you are, unveil your hidden gifts, and how you can fulfill your purpose in this lifetime.

What is an archangel?

Alexandra WenmanOut of all the angels, the archangels are the highest ranking and the ones who represent humanity’s personal relationship with God (otherwise known as Source, the Divine, Creator, etc.). Archangels are particularly good at helping us with bigger issues, especially those which have a global impact, such as a pandemic. Most archangels’ names end with the “el” suffix. “El” meaning “of God” in the Hebrew language with the first half of the name being what each individual archangel specializes in. For example, Gabriel’s name means “Might of God” or “God’s Messenger” and Michael’s name means “God Protects,” while Uriel means “Fire of God” and Raphael means “God Heals.”

What other kinds of angels are there?

AW: There are angels for everything, such as guardian angels, parking angels, sleep angels, and even angels in charge of buildings and cities. The higher-ranking Archangels have more to do with our Ascension and the attainment of enlightenment as they are specifically charged with connecting us directly to God/Source and our own inherent divine nature. There are even galactic angels and angels from other universes and dimensions.

When did you first encounter angels?

AW: I have seen and experienced angels and their energy since I was a very small child. I died at birth and came into this life very open. As a result, I could always see beyond the physical world and into the spaces between, where many beings and guardians reside. As a four-year-old, I could telepathically communicate with insects, animals, and trees and see Spirit in the form of faces peering at me in the darkness as I went to sleep at night. But if I ever felt afraid, I would call on the angels and arcs of light would appear in my room out of nowhere – even in the pitch-black darkness of rural Australia, where I grew up – and I was then able to sleep soundly. I was often told I had a vivid imagination as a child. I would spend hours doing what others would call “daydreaming,” but really, I was travelling the realms and conversing with my angels.

How do you work with angels?

AW: I have quite a unique perception of angels. Whenever I have had an experience of an archangel, I have often felt no separation between myself and that being. I have experienced myself as the angel. I can embody their essence or become the angel. For this reason, I believe angels are aspects of our own consciousness and, when they visit us, they are a higher part of ourselves urging us to awaken and realize the interwoven nature of all creation. They are like the electrical cables and connectors between us and the divine and act as a pure spark of light within our consciousness to illuminate higher states of awareness.

How are angels helping humanity?

AW: Angels wish to help us realize we can become more like them, living with integrity and authenticity, so we can live happier and more fulfilled lives by operating from the heart.

Whether you see them as beings of light with big, fluffy wings, orbs, or even an energy that exists within yourself, their primary purpose is to teach us about love and to remember that we are love.

How do you know if you have encountered an angel?

AW: Angels can take many guises. Visually, they can show up as orbs or lights, and they can leave physical signs or calling cards, such as white feathers or coins, in your path to let you know they are near. The best way to connect with an angel is first to ask for their assistance. As they don’t have free will, we must request help from them when we need it. The most common way to experience an angel is simply through our feelings. You may get a sudden and overwhelming rush of energy or the striking and unexplained sensation of being bathed in love when they are around you. Some people, like me, actually see them.

How do you experience angelic energy?

AW: I experience angelic energy as though I have a powerful electrical current of pure love charging through my system. It’s a blissful and euphoric sensation. I am also, among other things, a seer (clairvoyant), so I often have beautiful, vibrant, and fully embodied visions of these incredible beings enfolding me in their wings of light. I have dedicated my life to living in the way they have guided me.

They are not always light and fluffy, though. An angel will put you in your power and can literally kick you onto your path if you are dithering. Many people working with these energies have been through their fair share of tough times and I am certainly one who has learned through many dark nights of the soul. However, they choose to show up, angels are here to help us become more compassionate toward ourselves and others. When we align with their vibration and embody their qualities, we can become the best version of ourselves we can be.

Can a human be an angel?

AW: Absolutely. I believe all humans can express angelic qualities and tap into that level of consciousness. Ultimately, it comes down to a choice as to whether or not we wish to follow that particular path and ascend to our highest divine potential and live as a human angel or “earth angel” within this lifetime.

When someone experiences themselves as an embodied angel or has memories awaken of living angelic lives – as many lightworkers are now describing – they may have indeed had other incarnations within the angelic dimensions and chosen to incarnate as a human in this particular time frame. Our consciousness is non-linear and exists in multiple realms simultaneously. We can access and align to any aspect of ourselves we wish to. We are the divine having a human experience, after all. While, from our human perspective, angels are perceived as separate guardians of light, from the divine perspective, they are aspects of our own consciousness that we can choose to embody at any time by living from the heart in our integrity.

What is the difference between an angel and a spirit guide?

AW: A spirit guide is usually a being that has previously inhabited a physical body and passed through the gateway of death. These guides have usually incarnated on the earth plane, such as a deceased loved one or an animal guide, and when they reveal themselves in spirit form, they take on the appearance they once had when they lived among us in the 3D world.

Angels generally do not inhabit a physical body. They are beings of pure light and love, which represent the building blocks of all creation. Like our own infinite divine consciousness, they have always existed and will always exist. They hold together the very fabric of the universe. They do not just exist in the unseen realms. They are part of the unseen realms. Unlike humans and spirit guides, angels do not have free will. They are here to love, guide, and support us, but they may only do so if we ask — unless there is a life-or-death situation, where the person’s life is not meant to end, and the angels need to perform an angelic intervention. I have experienced a number of these myself.

The other difference between angels and spirit guides is that angels do not have gender. Their energy may feel more masculine or feminine, but they are androgynous. The unconditional love they embody is neutral and able to harmonize polarities.

How do you work as a healer/therapist?

AW: Although I am trained in numerous therapies, I have channeled my own systems and developed a unique way of working over the years. Every session is totally bespoke to the individual because no two human beings are alike. Depending on the needs of the client, I may be required to do a channeled reading or guided journey, where the person gets to meet their own angels and guides. Often, I am shown people’s past lives, childhoods, or other timelines in order to heal any previous traumas that may have bled through into the present. I can also do a form of psychic surgery, where I raise the frequency with sound and light language and can then just reach in and extract any stuck energies. Often, we will work on the emotional level and I share techniques and tools for the client to take away with them, so they are empowered to take charge of their own experience of life. As consciousness is infinite and exists beyond space and time, any of my techniques can easily be done remotely over Zoom.

What is your response to sceptics?

AW: Over the years, I’ve met my fair share of sceptics, who have tried to challenge me on my experiences and abilities. Ultimately, it’s none of my business what other people think of me. I decided a long time ago that I didn’t need to bother trying to prove anything to anyone, and I asked my higher self and the angels to only send me those people I could genuinely help.

Since that day, the clients who come to see me are those who have spent the majority of their lives feeling as though they weren’t accepted because they too were different. Most of them tell me they are relieved to meet someone who actually understands who they are and can confirm that their own spiritual or “supernatural” experiences are real.

I just bless the sceptics and accept their choices. I am living in devotion to my soul and following my truth and my bliss. I don’t believe I need anyone’s approval to do what sets my soul alight.

Why are there more angels on the planet now or more people aware of them?

AW: There are an infinite number of angels – too many to count – but it appears to us as though there are more angels and archangels available to us than ever before. That is because we are awakening as a collective to higher states of consciousness, states higher than those we have historically been able to reach in our normal, daily lives and routines. We are living in incredible times and we need to call upon our inner potential and all the invisible helpers available to us, so we can help steer the course of humanity toward the best possible future.

Archangel Fire Oracle

Archangel Fire Oracle

By Alexandra Wenman

Illustrations by Aveliya Savina

ISBN: 9781644112786
Publication Date: April 2021
Published by Findhorn Press 

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